StratEdge Introduces Line of Molded Ceramic Packages for High-Frequency Chips that Operate up to 18 GHz

StratEdge Introduces Line of Molded Ceramic Packages for High-Frequency Chips that Operate up to 18 GHz

StratEdge, a leader in the design, production, and assembly of high-frequency and high-power semiconductor packages for RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave devices, has developed a line of off-the-shelf glass side wall packages, called molded ceramic packages. These packages can be configured to meet the requirements for chips with frequencies up to 18 GHz. StratEdge's molded ceramic packages are available in over 200 standard outlines, dramatically increasing the packaging options. StratEdge also offers complete assembly and test services for these packages, including automated gold-tin solder die attach, which is ideal for gallium nitride (GaN) and gallium arsenide (GaAs) devices.

With the molded ceramic package, the standard ASTM F15 alloy base can be replaced with a thermally conductive copper composite or copper laminate base. For frequencies of 18 GHz or less, using a molded ceramic package provides the advantages of hermeticity, a broad array of outline packages, and lower cost. The addition of the thermally enhanced base provides the heat dissipation needed for high-power devices used in defense and aerospace applications. For SMT applications, these packages can be manufactured with gull-wing-formed leads. They offer flexibility because it’s inexpensive to change the lead design to match an existing footprint.

"Molded ceramic packages provide a straightforward solution to challenging requirements for packaging devices used in military and space applications," says Casey Krawiec, VP of global sales for StratEdge. "When sealed with metal lids using gold-tin solder, Mil-Std fine and gross leak hermeticity is met and the atmosphere within the sealed package can be controlled. Our molded ceramic packages offer flexibility and simplicity to our customers with challenging packaging needs."

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