IQRF® Technology Enabling Wireless Mesh Networking in sub-GHz ISM Radio Bands with No License or Carrier Fees

IQRF® Technology Enabling Wireless Mesh Networking in sub-GHz ISM Radio Bands with No License or Carrier Fees

IQRF® is a wireless Mesh technology that operates in sub-GHz ISM radio bands. This innovative technology requires no infrastructure by external providers, license or carrier fees. It can make any device wireless thanks to reliable Mesh networking, bidirectionality, security and True low power™. IQRF fits best to control systems, telemetry and IoT and excels in lighting applications, especially in street lighting.

The functionality of transceivers in IQRF is completely generic, depending on uploaded software - either a ready-to-use but extendable network plug-in or a user application written in C language.

IQRF is extremely useful for the following applications:

  • Industrial reliability: Thanks to IQMESH® protocol, more network nodes mean higher reliability.
  • Ultimate security: Complex approach from device bonding to automatically encrypted communication is based on security standards.
  • Simple integration: Modular architecture, lightweight yet efficient DPA protocol, hardware and software development tools, plenty of guides, examples and tutorials along with excellent technical support make development easy.
  • IQRF True Low Power®: The IQRF defines new limits, far beyond the existing ones. For example, a sensor transmitting data every 1 minute can run for more than 20 years on a single AA battery. Twice the actual battery life.
  • Interoperability: Interoperability of devices from different manufacturers is based on IQRF Interoperability standards. For example, the sensor standard defines the format of more than 40 quantities including their transmission.

IQRF Alliance

The IQRF Alliance is an international non-profit association connecting innovative entities from commercial and non-commercial fields to bring solutions to smart buildings, cities, industry and agriculture. It helps promote the IQRF wireless technology and defines the IQRF interoperability standard. The mission of this Alliance is to deliver #1 wireless IoT devices and solutions based on the IQRF Technology.

IQRF Alliance members are closely cooperating on building up an ecosystem of IQRF-interoperable end-devices, gateways, software, clouds, mobile apps, and integration platforms. IQRF Alliance supports them by providing them an effective communication platform, IQRF Interoperability Standard and promotion support.

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