Real-Time Clock Modules from Raltron Feature Low Power Consumption across a Wide Temperature Range

Real-Time Clock Modules from Raltron Feature Low Power Consumption across a Wide Temperature Range

Raltron, a global leader in high-performance frequency management components and antenna products, has released the RTT21064 Series of Real Time Clocks designed to play a critical role in keeping accurate track of current time while providing a variety of functions and reducing power consumption. Designed specifically for Utility Metering, Servers, Automotive, Factory Automation and Renewable Energy, the RTC module is an I2C bus interface real-time clock with low power consumption and digital offset function. 

With a wide operating temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, power consumption for the RTT21064 remains constant at higher temperatures. This minimizes clock drift positioning it well for demanding outdoor applications and higher temperature server enclosure environments.

Raltron’s RTC module supports backup battery life with an embedded 32.768kHz TCXO serving as an all-in-one device to provide optimum performance compared to discrete components, simplify integration in new product developments, and accelerate time to market. It features calendar (year, leap-year autocorrection, month, day, hour, minute, second), clock, time stamp, timer output with adjustable periods, and alarm functions. In addition to being responsible for the timing function of the system and its clock, the RTT21064 module ensures that all processes occurring in the system are appropriately synchronized.

Available in a compact 3.2mm x 2.5mm x 1.0mm package, the RTT21064 features low current consumption of 1.0uA, and improved frequency accuracy of 5+/-23ppm max @ +25°C (TYP.) making it also suitable for portable and small size electronic devices.

“We developed the RTT21064 for demanding applications that need stability, accuracy and consistency over a long period of time and over a wide range of temperatures. If you have ever noticed a system clock continually running behind, that’s probably due to an RTC that is not performing across certain temperature ranges” said Sasha Wolloch, President of Raltron. “When it comes to utility metering, time stamps must be accurate, especially with the number of power interruptions occurring today. The RTT21064 is perfect for this.”

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