Airgain Creates 3 Sub-Brands to Simplifying its Wireless Connectivity Offerings

Airgain Creates 3 Sub-Brands to Simplifying its Wireless Connectivity Offerings

Airgain, a leading provider of wireless connectivity solutions, creating and delivering products that include embedded components, external antennas, and integrated systems across the globe – has introduced three new sub-brands and a refreshed website that highlights its efforts to simplify wireless connectivity.

The Airgain Embedded brand represents its embedded modems, antennas, and development kits that are designed to help design teams bring connected products to market quickly. Airgain Integrated represents its fully integrated, off-the-shelf products, such as asset trackers and the AirgainConnect platform products, which help solve connectivity issues in the various environments within which organizations operate. Airgain Antenna+ represents its external antennas, such as fleet and IoT, which help enhance wireless signals in some of the harshest environments. These three brands organize Airgain’s various offerings according to audience and purpose.

In addition, the company launched an enhanced and optimized website aimed at streamlining the customer experience and better showcasing Airgain’s industry-leading wireless products. The refresh reflects the company’s shift from being exclusively a component manufacturer to a solutions provider with offerings across the value chain. Whether building an IoT product, connecting your organization within a unique operating environment, or enhancing wireless signals, Airgain helps you get connected quickly. The website refresh will improve navigation, enhance education, and consolidate Airgain’s products into a simpler customer journey.

“In engineering circles, RF design is known as ‘black magic,’ as it is often complex and difficult to optimize,” said Airgain Vice President of Global Marketing, Brian Critchfield. “At Airgain, our core competency has always been simplifying wireless connectivity. As wireless technologies grow increasingly complex, this new brand architecture and website help provide a foundation for telling the Airgain story and positioning ourselves as a leader in the market.”

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