Narda's New Electromagnetic Field Meter Provides Reliable Measurements up to 90 GHz

Narda's New Electromagnetic Field Meter Provides Reliable Measurements up to 90 GHz

Narda has opened up new dimensions in the versatility and handling of electromagnetic field measuring devices with its all-new electromagnetic field meter that operates from 0 Hz to 90 GHz. The FieldMan is a light, easy-to-use instrument that can be operated with various probes to provide reliable, omnidirectional measurements up to 90 GHz. 

The Narda FieldMan is used to make precision measurements to establish human safety, particularly in workplace environments where high electric or magnetic field strengths are likely to occur. An essential task is to demonstrate compliance with general safety regulations, such as FCC, IEEE, ICNIRP, or EMF Directive 2013/35/EU.

Examples of measurement environments include:

  • Radiocommunication base stations (e.g. IEC / EN 62232)
  • Broadcasting systems (e.g. IEC 62577)
  • Radar and satellite communications systems
  • Induction heating and melting (e.g. EN 50519)
  • Household appliances (e.g. IEC / EN 62233)
  • Electric welding equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 62822)
  • Railway environment (e.g. EN 50500)
  • Automotive environment (e.g. IEC 62764)
  • Energy supply systems (e.g. IEC / EN 62110)
  • Medical electrical equipment (e.g. IEC / EN 60601)
  • TEM cells and absorber chambers to demonstrate electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Advantages of Narda's FieldMan:

  • Wide measurement range from 0 Hz (DC) to 90 GHz
  • Digital probe interface: No calibration of the measuring device is required, only the probe is calibrated
  • Anti-glare, brilliant color display with automatic brightness adjustment can easily be read even in poor lighting conditions or intense sunlight
  • Sensors measure temperature, air humidity, pressure, and height above ground
  • Rapid data transmission using various interfaces

During the development of the FieldMan, special attention was paid to achieving simple, well-structured, and fluid operations. The arrangement of many display elements known from smartphones, the self-explanatory symbols, and the FieldMan processes, which are perfectly tailored to the measurement tasks, offer maximum ease of use. The large, anti-glare HD color display shows the measured values numerically and graphically with all important additional information in a clear form and is easy to read even in bright sunlight. From simple broadband measurements to sophisticated time signal recording in real-time or spectral frequency analysis of low-frequency fields, you have the right operating modes at your disposal.

Measurement results can be commented on by text or voice and can be saved as a screen copy at the push of a button. Built-in sensors record the current environmental conditions as well as the position data and automatically add them to the measurement result. The built-in distance meter (option) shows you the measuring height above the ground, which makes the exact positioning of the measuring device much easier. For a better overview, the measurement results can be assigned to freely definable projects, which is particularly helpful when the measurement locations change frequently. If you want to document your measurement results with photos and videos, the FieldMan smartphone app will help you. For example, the app wirelessly transfers media files created with the smartphone to the project directory on the FieldMan SD memory card. 

A newly developed, extremely powerful PC software "Narda-TSX" is available for documenting the measurement results, media, and other information. It is Narda's new software platform for device configuration, measurement data evaluation, and documentation, which in addition to the FieldMan will also support other Narda products in the future.

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