Wyld Networks Upgrades its Satellite IoT Modules Based on LoRaWAN Technology

Wyld Networks Upgrades its Satellite IoT Modules Based on LoRaWAN Technology

Wyld Networks, a company that develops intelligent solutions connecting smart devices, people, and things – securely, has upgraded its Wyld Connect satellite IoT module - multi-region, multi-satellite / terrestrial LoRaWAN AM102 radio module for satcom applications. This new sensor-to-satellite module suite equipped with LoRaWAN technology allows IoT sensors to communicate directly from sensor to satellite. Click here to learn about Satellite IoT Connectivity.

The new revision 1.3 adds antenna diversity, giving control over the antenna connections and deployment for optimum transmission and beacon reception. It also offers improved out-of-band performance and allows control of external PAs and LNAs for higher power and maximum sensitivity. Its software has added almanacs to support multi-satellite constellation operation for LoRa and LoRaWAN satellite deployments and a new command set to exploit its extensive and novel features.

Dr. Paul Clark, Head of Engineering at Wyld Networks says, 'This latest version is the most versatile module developed by Wyld Networks and offers exceptional performance in a compact package'.

This new module joins the growing family of Wyld products already in use with 3 global satellite operators. With class-leading specifications including +22 dBm output power a dedicated beacon channel with sensitivity down to -140 dBm and operational temperature range from -40 to +85 degree Celsius, it is recommended for use in a variety of challenging environments.

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