Mercury Demonstrates an RF Signal Acquisition System for Mission-Critical Applications

Mercury Demonstrates an RF Signal Acquisition System for Mission-Critical Applications

Mercury Systems, a company developing trusted, secure mission-critical technologies for aerospace and defense industries demonstrated its new RF Signal Acquisition Systems at the AOC 2022 in Washington DC in October 2022. The 2022 AOC International Symposium & Convention brought together defense electronics and aerospace industry leaders in the EW space to help develop new solutions than can be quickly developed and deployed to the field.

Chris Tochera, an expert product manager for Mercury Systems said, “The RF Signal Acquisition System includes several Mercury products in it, and it's here to show our customers a variety of our products that can be integrated together and give them an idea of what we can do”. On being asked about the driving factor on creating such a product, Chris Added, “Our customers are buying piece parts from us and they’re building systems themselves. For us to be able to demonstrate our ability to build a system for them, to show those piece parts working together, and then to be able to bring it in front of them. That was really what drove this project here”The RF Signal Acquisition System has a VPX Chassis which has the model RFM 3101, which is a 6-18 GHz tuner with 1 GHz of IBW (Instantaneous Bandwidth). It's feeding its signal into the 5953 RF SoC card, which is digitizing and sending that data over an optical interface to the model 2737a, which is a recording system. This setup is capable of streaming data in real-time at 10 GB/second. In this demonstration, the signal is being fed by Mercury’s model DS 3001 synthesizer, but this could be replaced with a customer feed easily.

With the demonstration of the RF Acquisition system, Mercury is significantly reducing customer risk by integrating standalone systems to develop a composite application. It reduces the amount of work the user has to do which reduces their schedule and the amount of time that they have to work on the project. It allows them to also add their IP and focus on what they are trying to do rather than worrying about the interconnection of certain products. By integrating these products, Mercury becomes a one-stop shop for its customers which enables the users to deal with fewer vendors and to make things work seamlessly.

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