Delta Electronics Offers Over 200 Military-Qualified QPL, Customizable RF Connectors and Adapters

Delta Electronics Offers Over 200 Military-Qualified QPL, Customizable RF Connectors and Adapters

Delta Electronics Manufacturing Corporation, a global provider of innovative RF, microwave, and millimeter-wave interconnect solutions, has over 200 QPL connectors and adapters that are qualified to military standards such as MIL-PRF-39012 and MIL-PRF-55339. The different types of connectors are available in different sizes ranging from micro-miniature to large-sized connectors along with QPL adapters that are available primarily in two types – in series and between series. The adapters are designed for connector types such as BNC and N-type.

QPL Connectors according to Size:

Microminiature Connectors: BMMA, MCX, MMCX, SMP, SMPM, and MHF/U.FL

Sub-miniature Connectors: 1.0/2.3, BMA, SMA, SMK, SMB, SMC, and TPS

Miniature Connectors: BNC, TRB, MHV, TNC, and Mini-QDS

Medium Connectors: C, HN, N, and SC

Large Connectors: 7/16, GHV, and LC/LT

The QPL cable connectors are divided into various categories that define independent characteristics of their cable assembly method and in some cases, their actual assembly method.

Category A: Field-serviceable, with no special tools required for assembly. Category A connectors in series BNC, N, and TNC are standard military-clamp types; Category A connectors in SMA series are solder type.

Category B: Special tools may be required for assembly. Category B connectors in N series are crimp types which use standard, commercially-available crimp tools.

Category C: Crimp-type connectors which can be assembled with specified tools and die sizes.

Category D: Crimp-type connectors which can be assembled with specified tools and die sizes, and also have pre-determined sizes for crimp sleeves, contacts, and other parts. Category D connectors have crimp-able center contacts.

The adapters are available within each connector series type. Except for SMA type adapters, all other adapters have their outer surfaces plated with silver, nickel, or Albaloy and are available in panel or bulk-head mounting type. These adapters and connector series operate over a frequency range from 50 MHz to 65 GHz and also from VHF to millimeter wave spectrum.

In addition to the connectors, DELTA offers new SMPS connectors that are part of the SMPM family. SMPS connectors are 30% smaller in size compared other SMPM connectors. The company has further divided the frequency band of operation to tailor the connectors for different applications. The two bands include the Economical Line (E-line) that ranges from DC to 18 GHz and the high frequency (HF) line that ranges from DC to 65 GHz. For applications that require tighter tolerance along with extreme handling and processing, HF line connectors can be used. However, one limitation is that it results in a higher manufacturing cost as greater precision is required during the manufacturing process.

SMPS connector series has a center-to-center spacing 0.078 inches and a minimum board to board spacing of 0.125 inches when utilizing its smallest bullet adapter (0.098 inches) and shrouds (0.015 inches-board-to-reference plane spacing). They are available in surface-mount, through-hole mount, or edge-mount packages.

DELTA also encourages customers to customize designs according to their choice and intended application. The company also offers specialized services that include passive intermodulation (PIM) optimization and design of specialized connectors and adapters for medical, space, and other harsh environments. Click here to view the frequency spectrum chart for various connector configurations offered by DELTA.

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