NOFFZ Technologies Introduces Real-Time GNSS Simulation Solution

NOFFZ Technologies Introduces Real-Time GNSS Simulation Solution

NOFFZ Technologies has introduced a new GNSS simulation solution for automotive applications. The sUTP 5017 is a turnkey solution that consists of a modular Skydel GNSS software simulation package combined with high-end hardware components for running real-time individual signal simulations. It has an integrated Scenario Editor that allows free definition of trajectories in up to 6 Degrees of freedom. It supports differential GNSS and multi-vehicle simulation, GNSS satellite orbit modification, unlimited pseudo-range additive ramps and custom fixed positions. It is equipped with 2 Software Defined Radios (SDR) with 4 RF channels in total.

Features of sUTP 5017:

  • Includes PC, high-end graphic card, Software defined radio …
  • 1000 Hz simulation update rate
  • Integrated maps for flexible and intuitive scenario creation
  • Imports NMEA, KML (Google), or CSV Files
  • High dynamics
  • Open source remote API for easy automation in multiple programming languages
  • Satellite orbit modification and custom fixed position
  • Navigation message modification and corruption
  • Interference generation and injection in GNSS signals
  • File formats: CSV, KML, NMEA, etc.
  • Powerful automation & intuitive API (Python, C# and C++ open source client)
  • Runs on Linux and Windows

Click here to learn more about the sUTP 5017 from NOFFZ Technologies.

Publisher: everything RF