Pivotal Using AI to Automate FWA Network Modelling and Provide 3D Visualization

Pivotal Using AI to Automate FWA Network Modelling and Provide 3D Visualization

Pivotal Commware, a global provider of 5G mmWave infrastructure products for the wireless edge, has added two new modules to WaveScape, its ground-breaking network modeling tool: MDU (Multi Dwelling Unit) FWA optimization and 3D visualization. These patent-pending features combine to allow carriers to accelerate the network design process and enable high-density urban environments for fixed wireless access at a minimal cost.

WaveScape was developed in-house because legacy tools neither model at a high-enough resolution to accurately predict mmWave coverage, nor do they contemplate many of the important differences between mobility networks and fixed wireless access (FWA) networks, particularly for MDUs. MDU Optimizer turbocharges WaveScape by using AI to fully automate the placement of Pivot 5G network repeaters serving MDUs, home to one-third of American households.

“MDU Optimizer addresses the lowest hanging fruit of the FWA deployment revolution,” said Brett Mills-Meiner, WaveScape  Product Manager. “Optimizer and 3D visualization allow us to model more MDUs better and faster, using fewer resources.”

Optimizer uses 3D visualization to qualify FWA service to MDU buildings where part of the structure may be covered, while other parts are not. Identifying these differences helps mobile network operators (MNOs) determine where equipment needs to go to achieve higher coverage levels and determine which units have coverage and which don't so they can sell FWA to the correct people. Legacy tools typically only consider the signal strength of the building when making coverage qualification determinations. They do not consider factors such as the building materials, angle of incidence of the signal onto the building, window type, glass type, or whether the windows are recessed from the face of the building – all factors that are vital to the actual performance of FWA networks.

“The broadband marketplace has spoken. FWA continues to add customers faster than all of cable, fiber and DSL combined,” said Pivotal CEO Brian Deutsch. “Improving WaveScape helps our MNO customers to capitalize on this lead by accelerating their FWA deployments and improving service assurance.”

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