D-Link Selects Airgain Wi-Fi 6 Antennas for its Next Generation VR Gaming Headset

D-Link Selects Airgain Wi-Fi 6 Antennas for its Next Generation VR Gaming Headset

D-Link has selected Airgain embedded antennas to power the Wi-Fi 6 signal in its DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge. The VR Air Bridge was built exclusively for Virtual Reality (VR) headsets without the hassle of long cables or dependence on a Wi-Fi router. It was designed to provide a dedicated, ultra-low latency wireless connection between the PC and the VR headset in order to enhance the overall VR gaming experience.

Airgain is a leader in embedded Wi-Fi antennas, powering many customer-premise equipment (CPE) devices available in the market today. As wireless connectivity becomes more complex, Airgain’s custom design, testing, and optimization services simplify the ability to deliver maximum signal in any environment. The antenna design for the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge showcases Airgain’s Wi-Fi 6 capabilities in a data rich setting, such as gaming.

D-Link, an award-winning designer, developer, and manufacturer for over 35 years, is a global leader in connecting people, businesses, and cities with computer networking solutions and technology that integrate capabilities in switching, wireless, broadband, IP surveillance, and cloud-based network management.

“D-Link is a networking product innovator, and we are excited to work with them on this pioneering project,” says Brian Critchfield, Vice President of Global Marketing for Airgain. “D-Link is at the forefront of many of the trends driving wireless connectivity in today’s markets, and the VR Air Bridge is no exception. Airgain is proud to help D-Link in its drive to untether the world of PC VR gaming.”

“Airgain is a world-class partner in designing and optimizing wireless signals,” says Jack Chen, Director Global Marketing Division for D-Link Corporation. “The DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge typically operates in an environment with a lot of RF noise. We needed a partner who could help us produce the best signal within our compact footprint and Airgain delivered. Together, we are able to disrupt the PC VR gaming market by removing the limits imposed by a wired connection.”

Click here for more details on the DWA-F18 VR Air Bridge.

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