goTenna to Develop Decoupled Network Operations Platform for Secure Decentralized Mesh Communications

goTenna to Develop Decoupled Network Operations Platform for Secure Decentralized Mesh Communications

goTenna, a solutions specialist in developing mobile mesh networking platforms, has secured a Small Business Innovation Research contract award for Decoupled Network Operations Platform (DNOP) for Secure Decentralized Mesh Communications. This contract award will allow goTenna radios and smartphones to collect mesh networking insights with the eventual goal of transforming every radio in the goTenna mesh network into a distributed radio frequency (RF) sensor. goTenna has future plans for follow-on work to allow other radio types, and their frequency ranges, to integrate with DNOPs' core model and design, allowing warfighters a more comprehensive system.

goTenna's Phase I feasibility study proved the need for Air Force Special Warfare (AFSPECWAR) operators to have a DNOP capability, by taking goTenna's current mesh networking protocols and incorporating measurable key performance insights. When displayed as a network health interface, operators can identify direct or indirect disruptions on the network. goTenna is highlighting an important insight for contested environments with electronic warfare considerations by factoring in frequency range analytics to identify if perceived intentional RF interference occurs with the ability for autonomous event notifications.

In this AFRL and AFWERX-enabled Phase II effort, Draco Spark Cell and goTenna are innovatively creating a DNOP prototype for mesh networks. When diverse inputs, like device health, network performance, and security events are aggregated and analyzed, a variety of network insights can be developed to assist Airmen with their communications or tactics. A wide area of forward disparate reporting nodes can also be combined with passive or deliberate spectrum collecting devices to support AFSPECWAR near-peer operations. By using goTenna's networking solutions in a contested, degraded environment, AFSPECWAR operators will have enhanced situational awareness to achieve mission objectives, even if all other primary and secondary radios are unavailable, intentionally jammed, or broken.

"goTenna excels in environments where the combination of critical communication and a low RF footprint can make the difference between mission success and mission failure," said Ari Schuler, goTenna CEO. "Our DNOP capability will optimize battlefield mesh network performance and tactics to counter both man-made and natural RF impediments."

"goTenna's size, weight, and power make it the perfect choice to develop the Decoupled Network Operations Platform capability for Air Force Special Warfare," said Master Sgt. Shea Martin, Chief of Innovation, Draco Spark Cell.

This concept was featured on the 2022 AFA National Convention floor by Draco Spark Cell representing AFWERX Spark.

This year's AFA event was attended by U.S. Air Force and U.S. Space Force officers and enlisted members, civilians, veterans, as well as defense industry leaders and political representatives.

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