InnoPhase IoT, Eoxys, and Nuvoton Develop Low Power, Intelligent Wi-Fi Module for Secure IoT Applications

InnoPhase IoT, Eoxys, and Nuvoton Develop Low Power, Intelligent Wi-Fi Module for Secure IoT Applications

InnoPhase IoTa fabless semiconductor company specializing in ultra-low power Wi-Fi IoT solutions; Eoxys, an IoT solution provider; and Nuvoton, a global supplier of microcontroller units (MCUs), have jointly developed a market-ready solution targeting intelligent and secure IoT devices for smart home, industrial and medical automation applications. This module combines Eoxys' Xeno + Nano ML module along with InnoPhase IoT's Talaria TWO ultra-low power Wi-Fi and BLE5.0 solution and Nuvoton's NuMicro M2354 secure IoT MCU unit. It accelerates customers' deployment of IoT sensor products by leveraging the intelligent compute with security and wireless connectivity of the Xeno+ Nano ML module, freeing the customer to focus only on adding sensors and their secret sauce.

InnoPhase IoT's Talaria TWO multi-protocol Wi-Fi and BLE5-Long Range module integrates an innovative digital, programmable RF and dual-stack architecture, which addresses the variable throughput and low-power needs of IoT applications. This reduces battery usage by 2-8x compared to current Wi-Fi products and enables 10+ years of connected sensor battery life. The Talaria TWO's ultra-low power wireless module allows customers to add AI and ML processing on IoT sensor devices while meeting stringent battery life requirements. The ubiquity and high data transfer rates of Wi-Fi eliminate the need for an additional gateway device, providing less complexity and lower solution cost.

"The convenience and expedited time to market of the Xeno + Nano ML module, combining the NuMicro M2354 secure IoT MCU and InnoPhase IoT's Talaria TWO Wi-Fi module, adds tremendous value to consumer and industrial IoT applications that require security and extremely low-power," said Robert Ling, Sr. Technology Manager, Nuvoton.

"Our partnership with Nuvoton and Eoxys enables the rapid deployment of secure Wi-Fi IoT sensors with up to 10+ years of increased battery life for our customers," said Wiren Perera, President and COO, InnoPhase IoT. "The combined platform ushers in a new class of intelligent devices in audio sensing, machine, asset, and event monitoring, secure POS terminals, and predictive maintenance."

"We selected InnoPhase IoT, the industry's lowest power Wi-Fi and BLE module coupled with Nuvoton's Trust Zone series MCU, because it enables us to deliver increased battery life for secure and intelligent IoT device solutions with expedited time to market for our customers," said A Prabhakar, CEO of Eoxys Systems.

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