Marki Microwave Bolsters its Product Portfolio with the Addition of 85 New Products in 2022

Marki Microwave Bolsters its Product Portfolio with the Addition of 85 New Products in 2022

Marki Microwave, an innovator in the radio frequency and microwave industry for over 30 years, released 85 new products in 2022, a 70% increase from the previous year. Ranging from a new line of integrated mixer-amplifier products, high-performance amplifiers and couplers, and a chip scale packaging (CSP) portfolio, this milestone underscores the company’s commitment to developing leading-edge products for the entire radio frequency (RF) block diagram.

“We released a variety of high-performance parts in 2022, and this year is looking to be no different. Our core markets are resilient, robust and actively designing, so there’s a definite appetite for the advancements we are making with our technology,” said Duncan Pilgrim, vice president of sales and marketing at Marki Microwave. “We are well-positioned for 2023, including significant growth opportunities in emerging markets such as quantum computing and expansion of our space business.”

Innovative Packaging Techniques Drive High-Performance Product Expansion

Marki Microwave introduced its CSP (Chip Scale Packaging) products in April of last year. Originally a lineup of three parts, the company plans to roll out a robust portfolio of over 20 parts that enable die-level performance in a surface mount package. The patent-pending CSP technology provides high-frequency operation, improved electrical performance and low unit-to-unit variation while optimizing size, weight, power and cost (SWaP-C).

“Marki Microwave continues to push boundaries with its CSP technology so we can deliver a whole new set of breakthrough parts,” commented Navi Miglani, director of marketing at Marki Microwave. “CSP allows us to extend the frequencies we can support in a small form factor package that can be mounted using standard reflow techniques. This benefits our customers in size-constrained applications where there are higher channel counts and increased bandwidth requirements.”

The company pursued innovative packaging techniques over the course of 2022, launching a family of ultra-broadband mmWave mixers at the International Microwave Symposium in Denver, Colorado. The mixers’ unique M-package connectorized design results in DC to 100 GHz+ operation on any two, three or four-port MMIC-based device. It delivers high performance and simplifies customers’ designs and procurement overhead by reducing the number of variants required. This year, Marki Microwave will remain committed to expanding its mmWave offerings for a variety of emerging applications, including testing for new 6G standards, with a broad portfolio of products in both die and packaged forms.

New Year Marked by Launch of Company’s First Harmonic Mixer

Marki Microwave kicked off 2023 with the release of its first GaAs MMIC balanced harmonic mixer. The MMH-35120H features excellent 18 dB conversion loss, superior isolations and spurious performance across a broad bandwidth, utilizing the third harmonic of the LO for mmWave frequency conversions. The company is also making notable advancements in space with its line of space-qualified products for high-reliability applications. Currently, Marki Microwave offers a full line of mixers and baluns that meet the exacting conditions required in this type of environment and will expand the product portfolio offerings throughout the course of 2023.

“There’s significant activity on the horizon this year, as we build out our filter capabilities and portfolio, expand our amplifier offerings and develop novel packaging necessary to realize high-frequency performance at the board level,” added Duncan Pilgrim. “Stay tuned for a Marki experience like never before!”

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