Signal Hound Adds RF Mapping Features to its Spike Spectrum Analyzer Software

Signal Hound Adds RF Mapping Features to its Spike Spectrum Analyzer Software

Signal Hound, the creator of affordable high-performance, USB-powered spectrum analyzers, and tracking generators has added a new RF Mapping Measurement Mode feature to its Spike Spectrum Analyzer software.

This new RF mapping mode is said to be a game-changer for Spike. It provides the tools for efficiently conducting RF measurements bound to a geographical location with results displayed on a map and packs a feature designed for convenience. Measurements are heat-mapped based on an adjustable color or grayscale spectrum and can be directional for the triangulation of an energy source. Audio Received Signal Strength Indicator (RSSI) aids in intuitive eyes-free operation. The GPS integration enables automatic measurements based on location and time. You can import a map of the area you are surveying, and GPS coordinate measurements will be displayed on it. Once you’ve collected your data, you can easily export and share measurement points in a simple CSV, or in KML format.

The analyzer works equally well for outdoor sessions across a wide area around a cell tower, to indoor sessions in a small building for fire radio safety analysis. For indoor use cases, an image such as a floorplan can be loaded in the map view, and measurements taken manually by clicking on the image, with measurement points anchored only by their position on the image. For indoor mapping, it may be necessary to anchor a measurement only to a position on the image, such as a floor plan.

It has particular applications for Field Techs and Mobile Engineers. The free Spike software and a Signal Hound spectrum analyzer, act as a mobile data analysis hub with everything that is needed to ensure the systems are operating at peak functionality.

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