Fastback Radios from COMSovereign Continue to Solve Critical Last-Mile Wireless Connectivity Challenges

Fastback Radios from COMSovereign Continue to Solve Critical Last-Mile Wireless Connectivity Challenges

As wireless networks increasingly need to expand and adapt to the explosive growth of traffic driven by the ongoing rollouts of 5G and Internet of Things ("IoT") technology, COMSovereign's Fastback Networks intelligent backhaul radio systems remain a top choice for service providers.

Operating in the unlicensed frequency spectrum which is popular for enterprise and commercial applications in North America, Fastback radios continue to be a performance leader in last mile connectivity. Made in the United States and powered by unique artificial intelligence ("AI") and extreme interference protection ("XIPTM") technologies, Fastback radios deliver reliable performance even in highly congested wireless environments. That is why several Tier 1 carriers continue to rely on the Fastback radio to provide connectivity for new cell sites upon construction completion or in response to outages. Thanks to its auto alignment, discovery and synchronization, Fastback radios remain among the industry's easiest to install, even in rural or remote areas allowing for-more immediate network site turn up and revenue generation.

Dr. Dustin McIntire, Chief Technology Officer at COMSovereign, said, "With over a decade of experience in solving some of the toughest wireless connectivity challenges by employing our unique AI and XIPTM technology, Fastback continues to set the performance bar for the radio industry." Our team is committed to continuing this legacy of innovation and high performance and that is why Fastback's technology plays an important role in the exciting product roadmap we recently shared with our partners and top customers."

Since its founding in 2010, Fastback has been a leader in the development and commercialization of innovative radio technologies that deliver high-performance wireless connectivity to virtually any location, including those challenged by non-line of sight (NLOS) limitations. Fastback advanced radio products allow operators to economically add capacity and density to their network, and to quickly respond to outages caused by anything from simple fiber cuts to widespread natural disasters. Fastback is a leader in connectivity for large events like the Super Bowl and festival concerts, allowing operators to deploy temporary infrastructure that delivers world-class services in a matter of hours. Fastback technology is built on a significant, growing U.S. patent portfolio consisting of more than 80 granted and pending patents with significant coverage in 5G. Collectively, the portfolio covers key technologies including antenna arrays, signal processing, adaptive antennas, beamforming and steering, self-optimizing networks, spectrum sharing, and hybrid band operations.

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