Alpha Wireless Introduces Compact Modular Tri-Sector Antenna Platform for LTE, 5G and Beyond

Alpha Wireless Introduces Compact Modular Tri-Sector Antenna Platform for LTE, 5G and Beyond

Alpha Wireless, a global provider of antenna solutions, has introduced a Compact Modular Tri-Sector Antenna Platform designed to revolutionize wireless network scalability for LTE5G and beyond. This new platform enables rapid site deployment and maintenance, as well as pay-as-you-grow field upgrades with a modular, future-ready antenna design.

The new antenna platform builds on the proven performance of Alpha Wireless tri-sector antennas, enhancing the unique shared site solution with total modularity for easy serviceability and rapid evolution to support new technologies. This groundbreaking capability enables operators to swap out individual antenna sectors in the field for maintenance or upgrade purposes, significantly reducing the capital costs, logistics and operational expenses involved in disassembling and replacing an entire antenna mast.

Furthermore, the modular design of the Alpha Wireless Compact Modular Tri-Sector Platform allows additional stacks to be mounted on top, quickly extending site capability beyond the initial deployment with minimal cost and disruption. Additional antenna mast stacks can support existing low-band and mid-band frequencies, passive beamforming and new 5G active antenna units, delivering significantly greater flexibility for fine-tuning radio frequency (RF) to meet the unique demands of an evolving network.

Alpha Wireless tri-sector antennas use a patent-pending frequency transparent dipole technology (FTDT) for superior pattern performance in the smallest diameters possible. With multi-band, multi-operator support, compact tri-sector antennas ease the build-out of shared 5G sites with minimum visual impact, making them ideal for street works and neutral host deployments in urban and suburban environments where traditional macrocell sites have become difficult.

“The race to 5G profitability is driving a need for faster scalability and network densification. Yet, at the same time, many cities and municipalities are requiring shared street works deployments to eliminate unsightly clutter,” said Fergal Lawlor, Chief Executive Officer, Alpha Wireless. “Our next-generation, Compact Modular Tri-Sector Antenna Platform offers a faster, more cost-effective approach to building, maintaining and upgrading street-level sites, providing a smooth path to future profitability with reduced risk.”

To learn more, meet Alpha Wireless in Hall 2, Stand 2A20MR at Mobile World Congress, February 27–March 2 in Barcelona.

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