Parsec Technologies Introduces Double 4X4 MIMO 5G Cellular Antenna for Dual SIM Applications

Parsec Technologies Introduces Double 4X4 MIMO 5G Cellular Antenna for Dual SIM Applications

Parsec Technologies, Inc., an American high-performance antenna manufacturer, has announced another Parsec first-to-market antenna with industry-leading performance and reliability. The Parsec Great Pyrenees series antenna is the first commercially available antenna with two sets of 4X4 MIMO 5G cellular elements, 4X4 MIMO Wi-Fi elements, and optional GPS and Bluetooth in up to a 13:1 configuration, capable of double 4X4 MIMO 5G cellular operation running simultaneous dual SIMs in one package.

Parsec’s revolutionary design enhances the performance of 5G, dual SIM, dual radio by providing the first commercially available antenna offering double 4X4 MIMO 5G cellular while minimizing the cost of deployment via a single antenna to purchase and install.

Parsec’s Great Pyrenees antenna is a low-profile antenna for either mobile or fixed wireless access configurable with up to eight (8) 5G cellular elements, four (4) Wi-Fi elements, GPS, and Bluetooth. The Great Pyrenees utilizes a patent pending layout to maximize gain while containing all 13 elements in one 10.75” diameter housing, requiring only a single 1.5-inch mounting hole. By using high-grade materials, low-loss cables, and IP67-rated housing, the Great Pyrenees is designed for performance when running multiple radios with dual carriers at the same time without interference. This rugged low-profile omnidirectional antenna works on all common North American cellular bands while also supporting CBRS and LAA. Parsec offers an optional pole mount bracket for fixed wireless access applications (FWA). As with all Parsec’s PRO series antennas, the Great Pyrenees is built for performance in even the harshest environments.

According to Michael A. Neenan, CEO of Parsec Technologies, Inc., “The Great Pyrenees antenna provides the advantage of taking the proven 5G 4X4 MIMO format and doubling the capacity inside one housing.” “The Great Pyrenees provides an always connected solution with excellent quality of the signal by allowing the opportunity for two radios to work simultaneously without interfering with one another, on two different networks giving the user the best connection and throughput opportunities available”. “Parsec’s groundbreaking leadership in antenna technology is again highlighted with another industry first.”

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