Astella Showcases its Recently Launched Commercial-Grade 5G Infrastructure Software Products at MWC 2023

Astella Showcases its Recently Launched Commercial-Grade 5G Infrastructure Software Products at MWC 2023

Astella Technologies Limited is showcasing its newly launched commercial-grade 5G infrastructure software products including the 5G core network and 5G integrated small cells for both sub-6 and mmWave frequency bands, at the Mobile World Congress 2023 being held in Barcelona from February 27 to March 2, 2023.

The demonstration showcases the Astella 5G end-to-end network connected with the commercial phone for live data streaming and achieving over gigabits per second system throughput. The Astella 5G end-to-end network consists of a 5G standalone (SA) core network and two 5G integrated small cells operating at both sub-6 and mmWave frequency bands. The commercial phone attached to both cells simultaneously with NR-NR Dual Connectivity (NR-DC) connection.

The mmWave integrated small cell operates at the 28 GHz carrier frequency with 400 MHz system bandwidth and 2 transmit and 2 receive antennas, providing very high-speed and low-latency traffic. The sub-6 integrated small cell offloads the 5G control plane messages and provides basic 5G coverage. The RF quality is monitored by a Keysight N9020B analyser and the 5G modulated signal is decoded by the Keysight Vector Signal Analysis (VSA) software.

Astella 5G software is a commercial-grade 5G software stack that includes low-PHY, high PHY and higher-layer software supporting the O-RAN architecture. It has been successfully integrated with various telecom-grade O-RAN hardware, passing the product certifications for both public and private networks. Astella 5G software has been deployed in various of commercial 5G products such as

  • 5G integrated small cells (ISC) for both sub-6 and mmWave bands
  • 5G distribution unit (DU) supporting multiple component carriers or high order MIMO.
  • 5G Layer 1 acceleration card with complete Layer 1 offloading on NXP baseband SoC
  • 5G O-RU with high performance digital front end (DFE)

Enabled by Astella 5G software, our clients are able to quickly launch and deploy their commercial-grade, cost competitive and high performance products in public or private networks. Astella also enables the design customizations for new 5G applications such as 5G positioning, 5G industrial internet of things (IoT) and 5G mission critical communications etc.

Astella's 5G software is based on the building blocks of a growing partner ecosystem. In particular,

Dr Eric Tsang, CEO of Astella Technologies Limited, said, “Astella is now expanding the collaborations with all the 5G industry leaders to develop commercial-grade, competitive, and high-performance 5G solutions." We are pleased to see our customers are now deploying our technologies in the real networks. Astella is going to accelerate the commercialization with strong roadmap on the latest 5G technologies.”

Astella is presenting a live demonstration of the Astella 5G infrastructure software products in Anktion’s booth, located at Hall 7, Stand 7G79. Their ecosystem partners are also demonstrating their latest products with Astella 5G software at the MWC event separately.

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