Vietnam's Viettel Showcases 5G, OpenNet, and Reality+ Solutions at MWC 2023

Vietnam's Viettel Showcases 5G, OpenNet, and Reality+ Solutions at MWC 2023

Viettel, a multinational technology company headquartered in Vietnam, was at the top of its game at Mobile World Congress 2023, with key solutions aligning with the major trends in the industry, such as 5G, OpenNet, and Reality+.

With the company at the forefront of digital transformations, Viettel continues to integrate the latest technology as part of its offerings and remains committed to its mission of Technology with Heart, where technology is made available to everyone, from every industry and community.

"It is our priority to be in the know of the latest technological advancements that will allow us to innovate solutions to address global challenges. With this as our focus, we are able to develop solutions that not only cater to our clientele but also contribute to the development of emerging sectors," said Tao Duc Thang, CEO and Chairman of Viettel Group.

The Rise of 5G and Fintech Ecosystem

Considering that 5G applications have exponentially shot up over a short period of time, there is a need for the industry to move beyond just traditional connectivity. Viettel has been leveraging 5G's ultra-low latency and greater bandwidth to build solutions for IOT, cybersecurity, and the digital services space. This includes building alliances throughout the industry to conduct research and development, trials, the building of supporting infrastructure, and more.

The company's latest innovation, the world's first ORAN ASIC chipset, comes via a partnership with Qualcomm, with the 5G RU and Baseband transmitter and receiver capable of many key features. This includes support for almost all advanced technologies like massive MIMOBeamforming, and Dynamic sharing. Its outstanding performance is enhanced by support for both Sub-6 and mmWave while being energy efficient. The OpenRAN standards also make it easy to integrate with other products that fulfill the conditions.

A further utility of 5G has seen Viettel developing intelligent operation centers for e-governments to help both the people and institutions. This makes it possible to intelligently control and manage smart city assets and services, including IoT and non-IoT data sources, systems, applications, and analytics engines. Having been deployed in more than 30 major cities, its flexibility, efficiency, affordability, and people-centric approach has made a big difference.

This is further complemented by a complete fintech ecosystem to accelerate cashless payment methods. Despite having readily available cashless payment options, there is a lack of a complete ecosystem to manage the entirety of e-governance, a problem that Viettel is keen to resolve with the new technologies available. As such, Viettel introduced Viettel Money, a digital financial ecosystem that allows diverse sources of funds to perform various transactions, currently in use by over 20 million active accounts.

Today and the Future of IoT

The company is also looking into the realm of the metaverse, both in terms of replicating its applications and the operations involved. As a digital copy of the physical world in one space, the epitome of an e-world, Viettel will be exploring the feasibility of networking, operations and computing that consume large amounts of data in a split second via the metaverse.

Looking ahead of these implementations, Viettel also introduced a "made by Viettel" customizable cybersecurity system to detect, analyze, respond, prevent, and investigate the traceability of information security incidents to prevent data breaches and misuses. The Viettel Next-gen SOC delivers comprehensive monitoring capabilities over both IT and telecommunications network infrastructure through IDS and IPS, further strengthening the defense capabilities in cyberspace by eliminating malicious attacks with filtering and blocking.

Such a transformation will not be limited to just the large corporations. Industry transformers must make conscious efforts to accelerate transformations by making new-age tech accessible to everyone to ensure equal growth in all communities and industries, the mission of Viettel.

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