SAG Offers NFC Tags and Stickers for Advanced Use Cases

SAG Offers NFC Tags and Stickers for Advanced Use Cases

SAG, an RFID/NFC tagging solution provider, is providing an array of NFC tags and stickers for a wide range of applications. These NFC tags are designed for use in applications with small tagging space, extreme temperature or where metal interference is standing in the way for use cases.

NFC technology is picking up pace and many businesses are seeking ways to stay relevant by using NFC transponders for better management and business intelligence. 

NFC tags offered by SAG include:

  • PCB Metal Tag: PCB Tag features flexibility and availability in different sizes. In its preliminary format, PCB Tag can fit into items by insert molding process. For 6.0 type, it ideally goes to small containers and makes them to be identified in a contactless way. It helps realize asset management for small items and tools with small space for tagging.
  • Molding Tag: Molding Tag is a hassle-free tag solution with both the antenna and chip in a small form factor which helps effortlessly add RFID function to electronic devices or small items with narrow space. More than that, the enhanced protection to the chip and antenna effectively guarantees its resistance under harsh environments. Following ISO/IEC 15693 and NFC forum type 5 protocol, this tag enables contactless communication between a device and NFC-enabled mobile phones via its RF interface.
  • D15 HF Smart Label: This NFC label features its small size in this category with proven performance in narrow spaces where NFC technology can be of use for identification, authentication and branding purpose.
  • NFC Ferrite Tag 0402: 0402 (4 x 2mm) Ferrite Tag features a small and compact size. It can be embedded to instantly empower an item with NFC function. Meanwhile, Ferrite Tag has superior heat tolerance up to 200°C to survive extreme use conditions.
  • Button Tag: Button tag is built with industrial-graded plastic using the over-molding process to make it robust. This tag can be applied with a tape or resin molded to an item. It can go to small items or fit into small spaces for item tracking or product identification purposes.

Co-build with SAGLab

Finding the right manufacturing partner can be an overwhelming process, which is why SAG provides customization services to fit each application’s needs. SAG’s expertise in antenna design, under-one-roof production facility, quality assurance and domain know-how allow them to finalize the product from concept to completion.

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