Silex Technology Launches NXP-based Wi-Fi 6 Plus Bluetooth SDIO Module

Silex Technology Launches NXP-based Wi-Fi 6 Plus Bluetooth SDIO Module

Silex Technology, a global leader in wired and wireless networking solutions, has announced the SX-SDMAX, a Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth SDIO module using the NXP Semiconductors IW611 chipset that supports the latest 802.11ax (Wi-Fi 6) standard. The SX-SDMAX offers reliable, secure, and easy-to-add wireless connectivity for the NXP i.MX series and other platforms for improved performance with low latency, high throughput, and low power consumption that enables better communication in dense environments.

The SX-SDMAX gives designers the ability to lengthen their product lifecycle to 10-15 years using the NXP IW611 chipset, which supports the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard. The SX-SDMAX can be enabled across multiple platforms and operating systems, but is ideally suited as a plug-and-play wireless module for the NXP i.MX applications processor families that integrate wireless drivers in the BSP software. Silex Technology also offers custom driver development and/or patching services with the SX-SDMAX, so NXP i.MX customers can eliminate driver development and integration efforts or get custom, local support to help design their products.

"Our valuable ecosystem of global partners like Silex Technology enables NXP customers to build leading-edge devices across industries," says Larry Olivas, Vice President and General Manager for Wireless Connectivity Solutions at NXP Semiconductors. "Silex brings an extensive background in wireless connectivity for medical device and industrial manufacturers. "Our customers will benefit from their expertise and support to develop products that require highly reliable and secure connectivity."

"Silex has been a proud NXP partner for many years," says Keith Sugawara, CEO and President of Silex Technology. "As a turnkey vendor that includes pre- and post-integration support, we're committed to building NXP-based modules that fully enable NXP's thriving ecosystem with dependable, scalable, and easy-to-add Wi-Fi connectivity and expert local support to help customers get to market quickly."

 SX-SDMAX Product Features

The SX-SDMAX is a 2.4 GHz/5 GHz dual-band Wi-Fi 6 plus Bluetooth 5.3 BR/EDR/LE radio. It includes the following feature set:

  • SDIO 3.0 combo radio module based on NXP IW611 chipset
  • Integrates MAC, Base band, RF, RF front end, and peripheral circuitry like power unit, reference clock, etc.
  • Industrial temperature rating of -40°C to 85°C
  • SX-SDMAX-2530S is a surface mount type (SMT), and SD Card type SX-SDCAX-2530 is also prepared mainly as an evaluation board.
  • 1x1 antenna architecture
  • MHF-I connector interface for an add-on antenna
  • Certified module for Japan, US, Canada, EU, UK
  • Native driver support in NXP i.MX BSP for plug-and-play connectivity for NXP platforms

Engineering experts help for quicker time-to-market

To fully support customers with SX-SDMAX, Silex Technology offers hardware and software engineering support. These services include embedded design consultation in Wi-Fi driver development, porting wireless drivers for a wide range of platforms, firmware expertise, driver optimization to the radio source code, and hardware design review for performance and regulatory compliance. Silex's proven experience in wireless connectivity and strategic partnerships with silicon providers enable its customers to shorten their product development cycle and get to market faster.

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