Menlo Micro Introduces Fully Integrated and Configurable 6-Channel SPST Switch at APEC 2023

Menlo Micro Introduces Fully Integrated and Configurable 6-Channel SPST Switch at APEC 2023

Menlo Micro, the company responsible for bringing to market the greatest electronic component innovation since the transistor with its Ideal Switch® technology, introduced the MM3100 – a new six-channel single-pole/single-throw (6x SPST) switch at the Applied Power Electronics Conference (APEC 2023) in Orlando, FL.

The MM3100 switch provides the highest RF switching performance with the lowest DC power consumption for applications that require reliable and configurable high RF power switch operations in wireless, aerospace and defense, and test and measurement applications. Built on Menlo Micro’s market-proven, production-ready Ideal Switch technology, the MM3100 switch provides a superior replacement for electromechanical relays (EMRs) or solid-state switches in high-density switching applications.

The MM3100 is capable of 25 W (CW) and 200 W (pulsed) from DC to 3 GHz while delivering more than three billion switching cycles with fast switching times (below 10 µs). Each switch is normally open (NO) and individually controlled by a serial peripheral interface (SPI) bus, enabling multiple switch configurations such as dual SP3T or triple SP2T. An external +5 VDC logic supply and a high voltage +79 VDC bias source are required to operate the internal relay driver.

MM3100 Block Diagram

The MM3100 SPST switch represents the culmination of several important industry firsts:

  • Extreme Reliability: MM3100 provides unmatched reliability when compared to conventional EMRs, with over three billion switching cycles, resulting in reduced downtime, maintenance, and replacement cost.
  • Compact Design: MM3100’s small footprint and low-profile design feature a custom-designed, integrated driver built into a miniature 6 mm x 6 mm BGA package, eliminating the need for external components, simplifying customer layouts, and reducing BOM cost.
  • Leading Linearity: MM3100’s linearity is 3 to 4 orders of magnitude better than solid-state and EMR switches, enabling significant reductions in RF power distortions for applications such as high-power tunable filter systems.
  • Power Efficiency: MM3100 operates at less than 5 mW, a significant reduction in power consumption compared to EMRs, making it the most energy-efficient broadband SPST switch available.

“Today’s wireless, defense and aerospace, and test and measurement applications require ever-higher levels of performance, reliability and linearity from RF switching components,” said Chris Giovanniello, co-founder, and Senior VP of Marketing at Menlo Micro. “Switches should be the strongest link in these demanding applications, and to address this need, we have added a new highly integrated six-channel SPST switch to our portfolio that offers best-in-class linearity, insertion loss and reliability. Whether you are developing the next-generation aerospace and defense systems, our new MM3100 SPST switch outperforms existing EMR (electromagnetic relay) and solid-state switching alternatives.”

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