Silvus Introduces Spectrum Dominance Suite for Electronic Warfare Resilient Mesh Network Communications

Silvus Introduces Spectrum Dominance Suite for Electronic Warfare Resilient Mesh Network Communications

Silvus Technologies ("Silvus"), a provider of advanced wireless networking communications systems, has announced Spectrum Dominance, an expansive suite of Low Probability of Intercept/Low Probability of Detection (LPI/LPD) and Anti-Jamming (AJ) capabilities that provide secure and Electronic Warfare (EW) resilient mesh network communications at the tactical edge. Developed in concert with the U.S. Army's C5ISR Center, Silvus' Spectrum Dominance enables StreamCaster MANET radios (AN/PRC-169) and MN-MIMO waveform to thrive in congested and contested environments, empowering operators to achieve mission objectives even in the presence of multi-tiered electronic attacks.

Spectrum Dominance takes a layered approach to LPI/LPD concealment and defense, with every radio in the Silvus MN-MIMO mesh network performing real-time spectrum analysis and interference monitoring. Upon detection of interference, Spectrum Dominance employs multiple Anti-Jam resiliency techniques to mitigate electronic attack. By accessing Spectrum Dominance's full suite of capabilities, the warfighter now has a range of options available to counter adversarial threats. Through recent technological advancements, Silvus is the only MANET communications solutions company delivering advanced LPI/LPD and Anti-Jam waveform capabilities without sacrificing throughput, range, robustness, or scalability.

"We are proud of the success we have achieved in enabling operators to achieve decision dominance and maintain RF spectrum overmatch against any adversary," said Jimi Henderson, Silvus Vice President of Sales. "We have fully embraced the challenge of spearheading the future of tactical communications by providing our customers with LPI, LPD and Anti-Jam capabilities that establish a new standard of Spectrum Dominance."

Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios, MN-MIMO waveform and Spectrum Dominance capabilities have been adopted across multiple U.S. Department of Defense branches, establishing Silvus as the leading tactical communications provider in support of key modernization programs.

U.S. Army: Integrated Tactical Network – Capability Set 23

As part of the Army's Capability Set 23, Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios were selected for deployment to Stryker Brigade Combat Teams (SBCTs), creating a self-organizing mesh network designed to operate in multiple spectrum bands with Spectrum Dominance's advanced interference avoidance and cancellation waveform capabilities. A critical component of achieving the Army's Unified Network modernization objectives, the ITN is designed to provide a common operating environment (COE) for joint force mission coordination at the tactical edge and is a critical enabler of JADC2.

U.S. Marine Corps: Networking On-the-Move

Silvus StreamCaster MANET radios were selected for the Joint Light Tactical (JLTV) and Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV), enabling the Marine Air-Ground Task Force to access satellite communications, connect and network dispersed vehicles, airborne assets and dismounted units through a protected and EW resilient NOTM communications architecture. All StreamCaster radios acquired by the United States Marine Corps Systems Command include Silvus' proprietary MN-MIMO waveform with Spectrum Dominance features – to enable operations in congested and contested environments.

"At Silvus, we never stop innovating comms technology for the tactical edge," said Babak Daneshrad, Silvus Founder and CEO. "Our mission is to deliver next generation technology to the warfighter – to achieve decision dominance and communications superiority on the battlefield."

The complete suite of Spectrum Dominance capabilities is available to U.S. Government customers via firmware updates through downloadable licenses. Several of Silvus' non-ITAR controlled Spectrum Dominance features are commercially available to all Silvus customers. In addition to continuously improving existing Spectrum Dominance capabilities, Silvus is investing in AI and machine learning, to enable its StreamCaster radios to become a truly cognitive MANET radio, autonomously applying the appropriate Spectrum Dominance modes and techniques to optimize performance.

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