RF Industries Enables True RF Transparency for Small Cells with No Visual Clutter

RF Industries Enables True RF Transparency for Small Cells with No Visual Clutter

Munisite Networks, an infrastructure operator for various types of technologies like telecom, data, and various municipal services has used RF Industries’ TruField pole top shroud to bring concealed 5G to the Jersey Shore area.

Munisite Networks plans, builds and operates multi-tenant, multi-use, neutral-host infrastructure for wireless carriers, IoT companies and public entities. The Munisite team bridges the gap between public and private organizations, helping public entities set and maintain aesthetics standards while enabling technology companies to eliminate the burden of due diligence, strengthen their relationship with jurisdictions and benefit from plug-and-play solutions at a lower cost than larger infrastructure operators.

The Challenge: Resilient, Futureproof Small Cell Concealment

As a thriving vacation area with a large year-round population, the Jersey Shore is a natural location for 5G network expansion. But the area’s densely populated communities and famous boardwalk mean small cells must be strategically placed to increase wireless capacity and coverage in an effective, yet cost-efficient way.

When Munisite Networks was engaged by a Tier 1 wireless carrier looking to leverage its millimeter wave (mmWave) spectrum in the area, choosing the optimal deployment locations for small cell equipment was just the first challenge. The communications and smart city specialists also needed to:

  • Conceal the small cell equipment to meet aesthetics requirements while maintaining full RF performance
  • Find a concealment solution that could easily support additional tenants using different equipment and network technologies without degrading performance
  • Fully protect the small cell equipment from the harsh seaside conditions where salt spray and high winds can quickly damage sensitive RF equipment
  • Ensure it would be easy to upgrade the system and provide periodic radio equipment maintenance

The Solution: Concealment With No Compromises

RF Industries’ TruField pole-top concealment shroud allowed Munisite Networks to resolve all of its challenges. TruField concealment shrouds feature patented technology that enables true RF transparency for superior signal strength and overall RF coverage. The unique and lightweight outer shell material, which was developed by Saint-Gobain, delivers less than 0.2 dB loss at any angle of incidence up to 60°, whether low-band, mid-band (C-Band) or mmWave frequencies are used. The shroud is also highly durable, provides extreme UV resistance and is hydrophobic to naturally repel water, mold and mildew, and virtually eliminate the need for maintenance.

For maximum flexibility and return on investment, TruField concealment shrouds are band-agnostic and are available in a range of sizes to support different equipment types and tenants in a single shroud. They unzip easily to provide 360° access to the interior, making it fast and cost-efficient to add and upgrade equipment. A proprietary, controlled air-flow system enables optimal equipment operation at all times.

With their lightweight, modular construction and mounting flexibility, TruField concealment shrouds are easy to install on any pole top. A variety of color options helps these innovative shrouds blend into any environment.

The Results: Efficient Deployments & Stellar Wireless Performance

With RF Industries’ TruField pole-top concealment shrouds, Munisite was able to efficiently deploy and conceal the wireless carrier’s small cell equipment at dozens of locations along the Jersey Shore while ensuring outstanding 5G performance. Measurements confirm the wireless carrier’s customers now enjoy download speeds of more than 2 Gbps and upload speeds of more than 200 Mbps in the area.

Because the TruField concealment shrouds are designed to support multiple tenants with no signal degradation, Munisite can easily add equipment from another wireless carrier, IoT company or public entity to each site to generate additional revenue. At the same time,

Munisite has proven its value in public-private technology partnerships by providing cost-effective, neutral-host infrastructure that helped the carrier and local municipalities jointly improve wireless services in the busy Jersey Shore area without a proliferation of unsightly equipment.

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