Times Microwave Systems Releases New Continous Flex Coaxial Cable for Robotics and Industrial Automation

Times Microwave Systems Releases New Continous Flex Coaxial Cable for Robotics and Industrial Automation

Times Microwave Systems, a leading brand of innovative RF and microwave interconnect assemblies, cables, and connectors, has released the XtendedFlex 178, a new continuous flex coaxial cable. Designed for plastic cable drag chains, the XF-178 cable is ideal for applications requiring constant motion and flexibility, such as robotics and industrial automation technologies in large distribution centers.

With its innovative design and unique material composition, the XtendedFlex 178 delivers optimal bend movement and consistent electrical performance during continuous flexure. Constructed with a unique combination of materials, including a stranded silver-plated copper-clad steel center conductor, FEP dielectric, tin-plated copper braid, and a rubber jacket, the cable is both flexible and durable to survive the rigors of millions of flexures.

Additionally, Times Microwave Systems' thorough performance testing has proven the XtendedFlex 178's reliability. Using a rolling flex tester robot, the cable was subjected to one million flexes and maintained low insertion loss and VSWR specifications while preserving mechanical flexibility. The cable continued to perform well even after five million flexes, as shown in the video below.

“The XF-178 combines flexibility and performance, making it a highly reliable option for industrial automation applications. This new product builds on our unparalleled legacy of designing, manufacturing, and testing high-performance coaxial cable assemblies for ultra-demanding applications, including aerospace, medical, military and defensespace, and more,” said Kevin Moyher, Product Manager at Times Microwave Systems

The XtendedFlex 178 is the first cable introduction in the new XtendedFlex product line. As the industrial automation landscape continues to grow and become increasingly sophisticated, the XtendedFlex family will evolve to include a wide range of cable and connector applications for industrial automation applications, including autonomous vehicles such as skid loaders, as well as unmanned technologies such as electric vertical takeoff vehicles, drones, and more.

The XtendedFlex 178 is available now as a complete, tested assembly with connectors (TC-178-SMTC-178-SM-RA), with significantly shorter lead times than similar products, thanks to Times Microwave Systems' global footprint and extensive distribution network.

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