Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC® System-On-Module Combines Edge Processing with Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 Connectivity

Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC® System-On-Module Combines Edge Processing with Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 Connectivity

Laird Connectivity, a global leader in wireless technology, and Boundary Devices, a leading supplier of NXP's i.MX-based SOMs, have announced the Nitrogen8M Plus in a smart mobility architecture (SMARC) form factor, the first product in our system-on-module (SOM) portfolio conforming to the SMARC industry standard.

The Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC is powered by NXP's innovative i.MX 8M Plus applications processor, NXP PMIC PCA9450, and Laird Connectivity's Sterling-LWB5+ Wi-Fi 5 and Bluetooth 5.2 combo radio module based on Infineon's CYW4373E silicon. This high-performance SOM, when combined with the new SMARC carrier or development board, together serves as a single board computer (SBC) that can significantly speed customer products to market.

"The Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC is our first integrated product that delivers Boundary Devices' SOM and NXP i.MX processor expertise with Laird Connectivity's wireless capabilities," said Dan Kephart, Senior Product Manager, Laird Connectivity. "Available in the SMARC 2.1 form factor, this product provides a secure, smart, standardized, and connected IoT solution that easily scales with customer's applications."

Powered by NXP's i.MX 8M Plus, the Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC is an ideal solution for powerful heterogeneous multiprocessing, delivering a versatile, power-efficient, up to 1.8 GHz quad-core Cortex-A53 microprocessor and 800 MHz Cortex-M7 microcontroller that allow customers to run Linux and an RTOS on dedicated, hardware-firewalled subsystems. Customers can leverage hardware acceleration with high-performance edge machine learning via an integrated neural processing unit, delivering up to 2.3 TOPS. Multiple display, network, data, audio, and camera interfaces are also available.

Leverage the SMARC 2.1 standard edge connector form factor of 82mm x 50mm, which includes onboard Ethernet PHYs and a USB hub controller. One design can support multiple processor, memory, and wireless configurations. Build a product design that can easily be upgraded to the latest processors and wireless options using other boundary device SOMs based on the SMARC standard.

The Nitrogen8M Plus SMARC is ideal for a broad range of applications, including harsh industrial IoT rugged handheld devices, industrial IoT gateways, IoT vision solutions, and healthcare devices. It supports a robust, secure, and optionally encrypted boot mechanism to ensure only trusted software boots on your device. Optionally store and use secure keys, certificates, and credentials in a run-time isolated trusted environment.

Boundary Devices' products are specifically designed to meet the needs of the industrial and medical markets, which typically require a 10+ year product lifecycle. Software support includes Yocto Linux, Android, Zephyr RTOS, and FreeRTOS. Long-term software support includes LTS Yocto Linux and Zephyr RTOS support with vulnerability remediation.

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