Signal Hound Handheld Spectrum Analyzers Ideal for Monitoring RF Spectrum for the Aviation Sector

Signal Hound Handheld Spectrum Analyzers Ideal for Monitoring RF Spectrum for the Aviation Sector

Signal Hound, a designer and developer of compact and cost-effective RF spectrum analysis/monitoring capabilities, has developed a range of spectrum analyzers (BB60D, SM435C, and SM200C) to monitor RF spectrum used for aviation-related communication, navigation (VHF), radar, and others to ensure that the aviation systems are monitored and safeguarded from potential interfering signals.

There are teams within the FAA responsible for monitoring the RF spectrum to ensure all FAA frequencies used for aviation wireless communication and radars are safeguarded from interfering signals. Interference can typically originate from various sources and create potentially dangerous situations for pilots and passengers alike. Spurious signals can interfere with tower communications, aircraft instruments, and other crucial communications systems.

For instance, FAA technicians may need to test for aircraft instrument interference. In this case they integrate the test equipment into one of their FAA test aircraft to measure signal levels at different airports. Spectrum analyzers such as the BB60D from Signal Hound have a very small footprint and are ideal for this purpose. The small size of the analyzers means that the equipment does not need to be rack-mounted ahead of time or accounted for before takeoff with weight/balance. The technicians can simply stroll onto the jet with a laptop and a Signal Hound analyzer, and they are ready for takeoff.

A practical instance to better understand the importance of using Signal Hound’s spectrum analyzers is an antenna array that is located close to an airport. Any incidences of signal jamming with the potential to disrupt tower communications would need to be identified and reported immediately to avoid catastrophic consequences. Spectrum analyzers such as the SM435C and SM200C are perfectly suited for remote spectrum monitoring and designed to run unhindered for long stretches at a time with fast sweep times and wide frequency bands.

The extremely specific measurements possible using such spectrum analyzers do not require overly complex test equipment to get the job done. Signal Hound analyzers, intentionally, are not built to compete spec-for-spec with the large, expensive big-name RF test equipment but they can indeed perform most of the tasks for which the big boxes are designed. They try to give the same reliability and performance of a $100,000 spectrum analyzer at a fraction of the cost – about $15,500 for the SM200B – with unmatched engineer to engineer customer support.

Furthermore, Signal Hound offers a dedicated software – Spike, that allows compatibility with the entire line of the company’s spectrum analyzers and tracking generators. Spike allows users to collect spectrum data for analysis, correlating with GPS info for location-based measurements. Additionally, the interference hunting mode allows users to visualize interfering signals for analysis and troubleshooting purposes.

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