Keysight Opens its First O-RAN Testing Lab in Europe

Keysight Opens its First O-RAN Testing Lab in Europe

To assist European-based mobile operators and network equipment manufacturers with verifying the interoperability and performance of their Open RAN solutions, Keysight is launching its first complete Open RAN testing laboratory for Europe at the company's Milan office in Italy.

Traditionally, radio access network (RAN) deployments have relied on proprietary network equipment from single vendors. However, service providers are now adopting an open radio access network (Open RAN) model for 5G that allows them to mix and match network elements from different vendors to build a RAN. While Open RAN provides flexibility and cost savings, it also presents significant conformance and interoperability challenges. 

"This complete, one-stop test setup simplifies the sharing of results across the entire workflow and speeds time to market," said Carlo Santangelo, EMEAI Solutions Engineer Director, Keysight. "With our broad portfolio, we are offering the most comprehensive lab setup for radio unit testing, complete with network and user equipment emulators and radio frequency equipment."

Built on the Keysight Open RAN Architect (KORA) solution, the laboratory offers a full, edge-to-core setup to conduct radio unit testing aligned to the latest conformance tests from the O-RAN ALLIANCE. Through early testing during the development cycle, Keysight can help accelerate the deployment of virtualized platforms to support the stringent demands of 5G Open RAN.

"Keysight's Open RAN Architect solutions are the answer to Open RAN testing needs," said Santangelo.

KORA solutions enable conformance, interoperability, performance, and security testing across the entire Open RAN lifecycle with suites specifically tailored for chipset makers, software stack developers, network equipment manufacturers, mobile operators, and Open Test and Integration Centers (OTIC).

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