HUBER+SUHNER Introduces SUCOFLEX 570S Cable Assemblies for High-Precision Applications up to 70 GHz

HUBER+SUHNER Introduces SUCOFLEX 570S Cable Assemblies for High-Precision Applications up to 70 GHz

The SUCOFLEX 570S cable assemblies from HUBER+SUHNER are low-loss, phase/amplitude stable cable assemblies that operate at up to 70 GHz. These cables are part of the SUCOFLEX 500 SeriesThe SUCOFLEX 570S cable assemblies guarantee precise measurements for a range of applications. The cable combines low loss and excellent phase and amplitude stability for accurate and long-lasting test and measurement solutions.

Key Features of SUCOFLEX 570S:

  • High stable electrical performance up to 70 GHz
  • Excellent phase and amplitude stability
  • Excellent insertion and return loss
  • Precise and repeatable measurements
  • Reliability with ruggedized cable construction
  • Relative and absolute time delay matching +/- 1 ps
  • 1.85mm Connectors


Lab testing: Supreme flexible, rugged cable assemblies with excellent amplitude and phase stability. Any research and development, test, or quality assurance department that works with RF signals is relying on precise and repeatable measurements.

High-speed digital testing: Highest density, lowest loss, highest performance coaxial-to-PCB transitions and cabling solutions. HUBER+SUHNER is offering a broad range of high-end RF test components and assemblies developed and optimized for high-speed digital testing.

Production testing: High repeatability, longer service life, efficient usage. In a factory environment, the improvement of overall supply chain efficiency is crucial. The SUCOFLEX 500 test portfolio reduces total operating costs through reduced replacement and recalibration.

Benefits of SUCOFLEX 570S:

  • Performance - very long lifetime, combined with excellent IL and electrical/mechanical stability
  • Delivery - customized lengths of up to 10 pieces worldwide within 10 working days
  • Price - offering excellent price-performance ratio

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