Keysight and Future Technologies to Design and Deploy 5G Private Networks in the US

Keysight and Future Technologies to Design and Deploy 5G Private Networks in the US

To address the growing markets such as smart manufacturing, defense, energy, utilities, mining, transport, smart warehouses, and healthcare in the United States, Keysight Technologies and lead system integrator Future Technologies Venture, LLC are collaborating to offer solutions encompassing the design, deployment, delivery, and operations of dedicated 5G private networks. Future Technologies will use Keysight solutions to capture opportunities associated with a growing need for scalable solutions for network design, deployment, monitoring, quality of experience (QoE) assessment, optimization, and QoE assurance. It is expected that implementing 5G private wireless networks across these industries will result in an enhanced productivity, efficiency, and safety.

"We believe that this will accelerate 5G adoption and create value for our Fortune 5000 clients, DoD clients, carrier, GSI, and prime contracting go-to-market partners across all the vertical markets we service," said Peter Cappiello, Chief Executive Officer of Future Technologies. "As we scale both the size and quantity of our production private 5G deployments in 2023, it is important that our team employs the industry's best tools to design, deploy, optimize, and operate these production systems for our clients."

Keysight offers solutions that speed up industrial device and network equipment validation and certification, network design, deployment, acceptance, and monitoring. A software-focused portfolio of private 5G network lifecycle management solutions delivers advanced network visibility, end-to-end network performance optimization, capacity assessment, and security assurance across the protocol and application stack.

"Both companies support a wide range of cellular technologies deployed for use case specific requirements, covering network capacity, interoperability, and performance," said Jagadeesh Dantuluri, General Manager of Private Networks at Keysight. "We are pleased to partner with Future Technologies by providing solution expertise across wireless and wireline communications in support of 5G private networks deployed to extend wireless coverage, enhance broadband speeds and capacity, ensure increased reliability, and lower latencies."

Keysight solutions in the collaboration include:

"Future Technologies is excited to work with Keysight to bring forward their industry-leading design, test and optimizations solutions," said Cappiello.

Future Technologies will incorporate and demonstrate Keysight solutions into its Living Lab in Atlanta to capture opportunities associated with the growing need for scalable network solutions.

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