Microwave, Antennas, and Propagation Conference (MAPCON) to Take Place in India this December

Microwave, Antennas, and Propagation Conference (MAPCON) to Take Place in India this December

IEEE MTT-S and IEEE AP-S have announced a collaboration and signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to merge two prominent conferences, IMaRC and InCAP, into a single conference called Microwave, Antennas, and Propagation Conference (MAPCON) in India. The second edition of MAPCON is scheduled to take place from December 10-14, 2023 at The Forum Celebration Centre and Wyndham Hotel in Ahmedabad, India, a UNESCO World Heritage site.

MAPCON 2023 aims to bring together industry experts, technologists, and academics to share their knowledge and collaborate on microwave, antenna, and propagation technology. The conference will feature technical sessions, poster sessions, special sessions, invited talks, workshops, tutorials, and focused tracks on Young Professionals, Women in Engineering, and SIGHT.

Distinguished professionals from various fields, including international space agencies, defense establishments, national research organizations, academia, and industries, will participate in the conference. They will deliver expert talks, and tutorials, and organize special sessions related to recent developments in the field.

MAPCON 2023 will offer an international platform for microwave, antenna, and propagation experts to come together and share their vision, expertise, and knowledge. The conference is expected to attract a significant number of attendees from around the world, furthering the advancement of microwave, antenna, and propagation technology.

Researchers are encouraged to submit their technical papers describing original research work from May 15, 2023, to July 31, 2023, and contribute to the success of MAPCON 2023. The papers should be 3-4 pages in length.

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