NRO Extends its Stage II Contract with Maxar for Space Based RF Remote Sensing

NRO Extends its Stage II Contract with Maxar for Space Based RF Remote Sensing

Maxar Technologies, a provider of comprehensive space solutions and secure, precise geospatial intelligence, has announced that Aurora Insight, a company acquired by Maxar in December 2022, has received a Stage II contract extension from the National Reconnaissance Office (NRO) for commercial radio frequency (RF) remote sensing.

Aurora Insight, now part of Maxar’s Earth Intelligence business, was previously awarded the NRO’s Strategic Commercial Enhancements Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Framework Stage I contract, which focused on the modeling and simulation of its capabilities to support the U.S. government’s current and future commercial RF reconnaissance needs. The Stage II option provides Maxar with the opportunity to demonstrate the real-world performance of its commercial RF constellation to support U.S. government missions.

Maxar will demonstrate how space-based mapping of the world’s RF environment can enhance and augment existing capabilities. Maxar’s RF measurements span a wide range of frequencies that include LTE, 5G, satellite communications, radars, GPS and other types of signals, and these measurements are being applied to commercial and government use cases. The Stage II award is an important step in getting commercial RF data to U.S. government users.

"We are honored to have the opportunity to demonstrate the value of commercial RF data to support key U.S. government mission needs,” said Tony Frazier, Maxar’s Executive Vice President and General Manager, Public Sector Earth Intelligence. “We are particularly excited to integrate RF capabilities with our industry-leading satellite imagery, 3D data, and analytics."

Jennifer Alvarez, co-founder and former CEO of Aurora Insight, who now leads Maxar’s RF solutions program, is scheduled to speak on the topic of “Radio Frequency Data: The Soundtrack to a Silent Movie” at the GEOINT 2023 Symposium, taking place May 21–24 in St. Louis, Missouri.

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