Z-Communications Introduces 2-Channel Smart PLL Frequency Synthesizer from 45 MHz to 22.6 GHz

Z-Communications Introduces 2-Channel Smart PLL Frequency Synthesizer from 45 MHz to 22.6 GHz

Z-Communications Inc., a manufacturer of VCO and PLL modules, has introduced the SSG22645LX Smart PLL Frequency Synthesizer that operates from 45 MHz to 22.6 GHz. The SSG22645LX has several unique features such as dual frequency outputs with independent control, power attenuation from -20 dB to +7 dB, 3 frequency sweep modes - single sweep, repeat sweep(continuous), and cycle sweep, each with frequency start/stop, step size and dwell time.

The unit comes complete with a 100 MHz internal reference for immediate use out of the box, or the user may utilize the external input for their preferred 100 MHz reference. The SSG22645LX is powered with 5 VDC through the USB-C port. All functions are controlled with a convenient smartphone app using Bluetooth (iOS and Android), or through a Windows PC via the USB-C power port. Each unit may be uniquely named using either interface, with all settings displayed on the screen. A series of LEDs provide a visual cue of functions such as power, lock indication, and Bluetooth connection. For advanced users planning to use the SSG22645LX Smart Synthesizer in automated test setups with LabVIEW or other programs, advanced commands through UART are provided.

The SSG22645LX belongs to the Z-COMM SSG series of Smart Phase Locked Loop (PLL) modules that provide high performance in a compact, all-metal package suitable for any number of applications. Fully programmable through a unique Bluetooth interface, or USB cable, the user can adjust functions such as frequency, sweep mode, dwell time, step size, and power output, among others. LED indicators provide a visual cue of the status of the various functions. Its rugged enclosure lends itself to in-field use as well as benchtop testing. The highly reliable output signal, excellent phase noise, and flexibility of an internal reference or input for an external reference provide RF Engineers with an adaptable RF tool.

Key Features of SSG22645LX:

  • Two frequency outputs
  • Bluetooth & USB interface
  • Internal Reference Oscillator & external reference
  • LED indicators, easy to read
  • Excellent phase noise
  • Low power consumption
  • Metal enclosure


Click here to learn more about the SSG22645LX Smart PLL Frequency Synthesizer from Z-Communications.

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  • Country: United States
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