Empower RF Systems Introduces New 5 kW GaN on SiC Power Amplifier

Empower RF Systems Introduces New 5 kW GaN on SiC Power Amplifier

Empower RF Systems has announced a new GaN on SiC amplifier, that is designed to deliver extreme power with unmatched reliability. The model 2245 is a liquid-cooled amplifier that delivers a minimum of 4100 W CW from 2 to 4 GHz with 5 kW mid-band performance. Reliability is a key feature and the result of its distributed RF architecture. With no single point of RF failure, the 2245 has an extreme Effective Mean Time Before Failure (EMTBF).

The modular architecture allows hot or muted swapping of the integrated amplifier drawers or cold swap of the 3U system controller in less than 15 minutes. Repair is modular, fast and easy, bringing lifetime costs down. Specialized technician training is not required and there are no dangerous high-voltage supplies to contend with. Because of the architecture, only fractional system spares are needed for a complete backup system. You only need to spare a single amplifier drawer and one controller. The 2245 is the smart choice for those seeking exceptional reliability and the lowest lifetime cost of ownership.

The amplifier system includes a built-in control and monitoring system, with protection functions that preserve maximum output availability and reliability. Remote management and diagnostics are via Ethernet port to a LAN. These functions are performed remotely by a web browser or M2M (machine-to-machine interface) or locally by a front panel computer. The control system runs an embedded OS (Linux) and has a built-in non-volatile memory for factory setup.

Click here to learn more about Model 2245 from Empower RF.

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