SynMatrix Provides a Highly Optimized End-to-End Experience for RF Filter Design and Manufacturing

SynMatrix Provides a Highly Optimized End-to-End Experience for RF Filter Design and Manufacturing

SynMatrix – a Toronto-based software company that develops engineering and test measurement tools for the RF component design community – has developed a filter design platform for bandpass, band stop, low pass, and multi-band filters. They have developed a comprehensive RF filter design and test and tuning software platform that can be used across many different industries including telecommunications, space exploration, medical and military applications.

SynMatrix supports several structures including cavity RF filter designs, ceramic waveguide RF filter designs, waveguides RF filter designs, LTCC chip filter designs, and microstrip stripline RF filter designs.

Key Platform Offerings

  • Bandpass Filters: Coupling matrix synthesis with arbitrary topology setup with user-defined transmission zeroes positioning.
  • Bandstop Filters: Supports coupled resonant solution with 'Cul-de-sac' and 'folded' topologies with different coupling matrix formats.
  • Low Pass Filters: Supports four practical step impedance coaxial structures. Featuring automatic 3D modelling creation in HFSS.
  • Multi-band Filters: Supports dual and triple band coupling matrix synthesis with arbitrary topology setup.

SynMatrix provides a complete end-to-end design experience on one platform for design, optimization and test tuning.

Specification Analysis

SynMatrix offers a feature-packed design and analysis platform for complex RF filter design engineering. RF bandpass filter design and diplexer synthesis, coupling matrix extraction, and dispersive effect analysis are a sampling of features that are available.

Automatic 3D Generation

Automatic 3D modelling function that is integrated into the SynMatrix-Ansys HFSS design workflow. Includes single resonator modelling and analysis, adjacent and input/output coupling modelling and analysis, and customized full 3D modelling generation.

Advanced Computer-Aided Tuning

Advanced algorithms incorporate the dispersive effect and spurious prediction to eliminate repetitive and time-consuming processes. Advanced coupling matrix extraction includes three advanced methods: two-port coupling matrix extraction, multiport tuning and generic circuit-EM optimization.

Introducing Intelligent Optimization

One of the world's first AI optimization systems with Ansys HFSS run time automation. Also features custom optimization with linear and non-linear modes, and a perturbation system that can be used as a starting point for space mapping or AI workflows.

Real-time Test Tuning with VNA integration

Plug-and-play setup, real-time tuning with full VNA control, and a complete test and measurement user workflow from a single, easy-to-use GUI. Now includes time domain tuning.

Computer-Aided Manufacturing System

Computer-Aided Manufacturing workflow system supports high-volume RF filter production. As manufacturers ramp up production volumes to new highs, managing the projects and order requests will be a steep challenge for operations. SynMatrix's workflow system aims to help manufacturers by providing an all-in-one solution to manage project requests and orders, providing a channel to manage communications between engineering and technicians, and provide a system for tuning data traceability for quality control. It ensures faster, more accurate and high manufacturing yield with real-time filter tuning.

Some of the key features of this computer-aided manufacturing system include:

  • Create and manage projects.
  • Manage orders and assign timelines and quantities by tech.
  • Store test measurement tuning data for quality control.
  • Filter unit approval workflows to track tuning units and monitor tech quality.
  • Native messaging system to manage specific tuning instructions and feedback.
  • Data storage system for data traceability.

SynMatrix aims to create a complete and optimized end-to-end experience for RF design engineers, from design and simulation, test and measurement, to manufacturing. They are striving to build one of the most comprehensive and powerful platforms for RF component design that can manage 5G and mmWave application requirements.

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