Micro Harmonics Introduces Hybrid Waveguide Circulators from 70 to 133 GHz

Micro Harmonics Introduces Hybrid Waveguide Circulators from 70 to 133 GHz

Micro Harmonics Corporation (MHC) has released hybrid circulators for three new millimeter waveguide bands: WR-12 (70-86 GHz), WR-10 (85-104 GHz), and WR-8 (107-133 GHz). These patent-pending hybrid circulators can cover 24% fractional bandwidths with low insertion loss and more than 20 dB of isolation. Their wideband performance is verified from the comprehensive test data that Micro Harmonics provides with every component.

At the higher mm-wave frequencies, even a state-of-the-art Y-junction circulator is effective only within a very narrow bandwidth and can place a severe bandwidth limitation on the entire system. For instance, a typical Y-junction circulator designed for operation near 170 GHz has a bandwidth of only 2 GHz, but a hybrid circulator can cover the entire band from 150-190 GHz. 

Previously, MHC had released the hybrid design in WR-15 (54-68 GHz) and WR-5.1 (150-190 GHz). Under a two-phase Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) contract awarded by NASA, the company is in the process of completing its entire line of hybrid circulators that will operate up to 333 GHz.

“The new hybrid circulator gives microwave engineers the option of specifying one component that can operate over multiple sub-bands, making instrument architecture much easier,” states David Porterfield, Founder and CEO of MHC. "For example, a single WR-12 hybrid circulator can cover 70-86 GHz which encompasses the popular 71-76 GHz and 81-86 GHz sub-bands. Two separate Y-junction circulators are needed to cover those two bands."

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