Soitec and SAWNICS Launch PDK to Accelerate High Performance RF Filter Design for 5G Smartphones

Soitec and SAWNICS Launch PDK to Accelerate High Performance RF Filter Design for 5G Smartphones

Soitec (Euronext Paris), a provider of innovative semiconductor materials, and SAWNICS, which offers a best-in-class foundry service for Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) filters, have announced the availability of a Process Design Kit (PDK) based on Soitec’s Connect Piezo-on-Insulator (POI) substrates.

The SAWNICS PDK provides a reliable reference guide validated on Soitec Connect POI products, to support the design and manufacturing of advanced radio frequency (RF) filters. It will greatly simplify and accelerate the development and production of filters on Connect POI products by reducing the number of design iterations while meeting increasingly stringent 5G requirements.

Produced with Soitec’s proprietary Smart CutTM technology, Connect POI substrates are ideally suited to the manufacturing of new-generation filters. Compared with technologies based on conventional materials, Connect POI products offer built-in temperature compensation, facilitate the integration of multiple filters on a single die and help to reduce power consumption.

SAWNICS is a filter foundry with a track record of rapid and smooth production ramp. Combining its SAW manufacturing expertise and process flexibility with Soitec Connect POI products will create new opportunities for development and production of state-of-the-art 5G smartphone filters.

“Connect POI product is a unique enabler for high-performance RF filters for 5G smartphones. We are very pleased that fabless companies will get easier access to powerful RF filter technology thanks to the SAWNICS PDK and Soitec Connect POI,” said Thomas Piliszczuk, Soitec’s Executive Vice-President Global Business. “We’re confident that Connect POI products based on our robust and proven Smart CutTM technology will become a standard choice for 5G RF filters.”

“Soitec’s Connect POI substrates were chosen for their unique value for RF filters,” said Jason Chung, Vice-President of SAWNICS’ Foundry business unit. “We are excited to work with Soitec’s substrates, which multiply filter performance when compared with filters built using bulk piezoelectric wafers. The volume production ramp on Connect POI products is expected to start in the second half of 2023.”

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