IAI Wins $100 Million Contract to Develop Airborne SIGINT Solutions

IAI Wins $100 Million Contract to Develop Airborne SIGINT Solutions

IAI through its defense electronics subsidiary, ELTA Systems, has announced that it has been awarded a contract to provide airborne signal intelligence (SIGINT) solutions to an international customer. The contract size, including system delivery and maintenance, will surpass $100 million.

Under the contract, ELTA will provide SIGINT systems and airborne communications suites for installation both on manned and unmanned aircraft. The SIGINT capabilities are designed to cope with the challenges of modern, dense communications and electronic environments, to analyze complex signal formats, and to build a real-time Electronic Order of Battle (EOB) providing time-critical intelligence. These systems will provide the customer with continuous, detailed intelligence on communications and enemy activity over a wide geographic area.

The systems are developed for intelligence, communications, and electronic warfare (EW) and provide a full array of solutions. Supporting Electromagnetic Dominance: Equipping forces with the means to sense, communicate, and navigate effectively using the electromagnetic spectrum while detecting and denying the enemy's attempts to operate in this domain. IAI provides systems in the fields of SIGINT, comprising communications intelligence (COMINT) and electronic intelligence (ELINT), EW systems for self-protection and electronic attack, communications systems including line-of-sight, SATCOM, airborne networks, and tactical wideband communications, and multi-intelligence software for integration and exploitation of sensor data using advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence.

Adi Dulberg, VP and GM of ELTA’s Intelligence, Communications, and Electronic Warfare (EW) Division, said, "In the modern battlefield, the goal of achieving electromagnetic spectrum dominance is becoming more and more urgent, especially in light of lessons learned from recent conflicts. With systems installed on hundreds of manned and unmanned platforms around the world, ELTA has proven its depth of expertise and combat-tested experience in airborne SIGINT and EW. We are excited about the opportunity to provide our customer with cutting-edge technology that will allow them to achieve their operational intelligence goals over the coming decades."

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