Times Microwave Introduces Flexible Micro-Coaxial Cable for Medical, Industrial and Automotive Applications

Times Microwave Introduces Flexible Micro-Coaxial Cable for Medical, Industrial and Automotive Applications

Times Microwave Systems has released the XtendedFlex 045 (XF-045) micro-coaxial cable, a new addition to its XtendedFlex product family. The versatile XF-045 is an exceptionally compact cable that combines unparalleled flexibility with low attenuation, making it well-suited for applications that require a balance of optimal power delivery with thermal properties and durability. The new micro-coaxial cable is ideal for medical devices used in minimally invasive procedures, including endoscopic devices, microwave ablation, and medical imaging. It is also ideal for industrial and automotive sensor connectivity.

Designed with a low-loss construction, the XtendedFlex 045 minimizes thermal dissipation while maximizing signal integrity and power transfer efficiency. It features a unique thin-walled PFA jacket that provides excellent biocompatibility and chemical resistance offering ultimate flexibility in a cable that is robust enough to embed into high-pressure liquid cooling lines. In addition, XtendedFlex 045 is constructed with a combination of materials that minimizes shape memory, which enhances maneuverability in medical devices such as catheters and endoscopes.

The micro-coaxial cable is ideal for single-use and re-usable sterilizable applications as a discrete transmission line or integrated into a cable bundle for higher-density solutions. XtendedFlex 045 can also be combined into a hybrid cable assembly with multiple transmission media, such as fiber optic and fluid lines, providing a single integrated cable solution for power, signal, and thermal management.

"Applications such as precision medical devices present unique equipment challenges, demanding specialized interconnect solutions that must be high-performance, safe, and reliable,” said Kai Loh, Product Solution Manager at Times Microwave Systems. “The XtendedFlex 045 is a game-changer, with a unique construction and customizability to address increasing needs for compactness and flexibility, low attenuation, and thermal dissipation.”

Thanks to Times Microwave Systems' global footprint and extensive distribution network, the XF-045 micro-coaxial cable solution is now available with significantly shorter lead times than comparable products.

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