MatSing Deploys Two New Lens Antenna Solutions for Improved Connectivity at NBA Conference Finals

MatSing Deploys Two New Lens Antenna Solutions for Improved Connectivity at NBA Conference Finals

MatSing, a designer and manufacturer of high-capacity lens antennas, has announced that its two new lens antenna deployments are set to deliver improved connectivity at the NBA Conference finals. Following their successful streaks in the semifinals, the Boston Celtics, Miami Heat, Los Angeles Lakers, and Denver Nuggets are gearing up to compete for the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. As fans head out to Arena, Kaseya Center, and TD Garden to enjoy game-day, they can be assured they’ll experience unparalleled mobile connectivity.

Technology has become an essential aspect of the game experience for fans whether it be checking on fantasy statistics or sharing the event across social platforms. As this continues to increase with the introduction of virtual realities and apps tailored to the venue itself, the deployment of MatSing’s technology allows the venue to deliver high-capacity and fast-speed connectivity and advance their experiential offerings for all attendees.

“Our patented lens antenna technology is designed to boost mobile network performance where the stadiums need it most, for the fans,” said Bo Larsson, MatSing CEO. “With the integration of technology becoming more prevalent for basketball fans, the need for increased speed, bandwidth, and capacity within the venue setting is now a necessity. Equipped to deliver reliable 4G LTE and 5G services across multiple carriers, our lens antennas provide the ideal capacity and performance upgrade fans need.”

MatSing leverages patented light-weight metamaterials and unique design to distinguish its high-performance antennas. Delivering high sectorization without signal interference, fewer number of antenna locations are typically required guaranteeing seamless and cost-effective integration into stadium infrastructures.

In advance of the ongoing NBA conference finals, the small, sphere-shaped antennas have been installed in ceilings and elevated structures at Arena, Kaseya Center, and TD Garden to ensure fans receive the enhanced network signals they’re looking for to make their game-day memorable forever.

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