ART-Fi Develops Disruptive Measurement Technology for Precise Measurement of Antenna Radiations

ART-Fi Develops Disruptive Measurement Technology for Precise Measurement of Antenna Radiations

ART-Fi, a leading company specializing in innovative measurement solutions for electromagnetic signals, has introduced a groundbreaking technology known as D-PHASE that promises to revolutionize SAR testing for current and future telecommunications and IoT devices. This cutting-edge technology allows for accurate and real-time measurement of all types of electromagnetic signals, addressing the limitations of outdated approaches and setting a new standard in the field of near-field electromagnetic wave measurement.

D-PHASE is based on the measurement of fundamental physical quantities of electromagnetic waves such as amplitude, phase, frequency, time, and space. It eliminates inaccuracies caused by interpolations, extrapolations, and artificial test modes. Unlike traditional technologies and standards, D-PHASE enables precise and real-time measurements of modern signals, including those used in 5G and various other emission modes.

One of the key features of D-PHASE is its exclusive phase measurement capability. By directly measuring the phase of the electromagnetic field vector, high-precision measurements are achieved without any approximations. This disruptive near-field technology generates real-time, full radiofrequency, and precise measurements of antenna radiation, making it future-proof and capable of meeting the measurement challenges arising from rapid innovations in the wireless industry.

The principle behind D-PHASE involves a fixed array comprising several hundred RF vector probes immersed in a wide-band fluid and integrated into sealed phantoms. This eliminates the need for mechanical movement of the probes, allowing for an electronically real-time scan combined with a vector spectrum analyzer to acquire the direct phase of radiofrequency signals in the time domain.

Recognizing the significance of D-PHASE for 5G mobile phones and multiple emissions, the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) recently published the IEC 62209-3 standard, acknowledging the efficacy of this technology. This development highlights the industry's need for sophisticated measurement technologies to ensure accurate SAR testing.

The historical technology used for SAR testing, which is approximately three decades old, is facing significant limitations in the face of 5G challenges. The complexity of radiofrequency signal waveforms and modulation schemes has led to underestimation of SAR measurements, putting public health at risk. D-PHASE overcomes these limitations by allowing testing of multiple emissions in real-world scenarios, significantly reducing testing time from 40 minutes to real-time measurements.

Furthermore, D-PHASE paves the way for in-line production testing in addition to research and development and certification testing. With its innovative and accurate SAR testing solutions utilizing RF vector probe technology, ART-Fi's D-PHASE seamlessly addresses the aforementioned limitations. By employing vector spectrum analysis (VSA) of time-domain modulated RF signals, it enables agnostic measurement of SAR induced by various modulation technologies, spectrum bandwidths, carrier frequencies, and dynamic power allocations within the same network frequency.

The introduction of D-PHASE by ART-Fi marks a significant milestone in the field of SAR testing for 5G and IoT devices. With its real-time, accurate measurements and ability to address the challenges posed by modern wireless technologies, this advanced near-field scanner technology is set to revolutionize the industry, ensuring the safety and reliability of wireless devices in the era of connectivity.

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