Narda-MITEQ Showcases New Couplers, Power Dividers, Waveguides, and Power Amplifiers at IMS 2023

Narda-MITEQ Showcases New Couplers, Power Dividers, Waveguides, and Power Amplifiers at IMS 2023

Narda-MITEQ, a provider of the highest quality RF/microwave components, subsystems, spaceborne and SATCOM products, and IMAs for military and commercial applications, has added three product families to their robust line of RF/microwave solutions. These products are being showcased at the Narda-MITEQ booth at IMS 2023 in San Diego, California. The new offering includes:

  1. General-Purpose Broadband Couplers and Power Dividers
  2. Q and V Band Waveguide Components
  3. Medium Power Amplifiers

In announcing these new additions to the Narda-MITEQ solutions, Craig Lindberg, Narda-MITEQ’s vice-president and general manager, Strategy and Development, commented, “With these new offerings, Narda-MITEQ is extending our high-quality solutions further into our customers’ block diagrams and supporting the satcom industry’s shift towards higher data rate communication bands, as well as delivering shorter lead times with competitive pricing. These are winning combinations for our customers, particularly those looking for high-reliability U.S. manufactured solutions.”

Broadband Couplers and Power Dividers

Building on its decades-long reputation for high-quality solutions, Narda-MITEQ has introduced a general-purpose family of broadband couplers and power dividers. These products are complementary to several of the legacy Narda-MITEQ models that are well-recognized among users worldwide in both military and commercial applications. The new products cover the majority of the same frequency ranges as Narda-MITEQ’s legacy offering with very comparable RF performance. The key benefit for users: considerably shorter lead times and generally favorable pricing.

The Narda-MITEQ General Purpose Broadband Couplers and Power Dividers deliver the highest quality and mechanical construction, with availability from Stock to 10 weeks delivery. Like the legacy offering of broadband couplers and power dividers, these new solutions are manufactured in the U.S., making them the right choice for the demanding requirements of military/defense applications and many commercial applications.

Narda-MITEQ will continue to offer the legacy model numbers for those customers who already have
designed them into systems and prefer not to make the change due to the time and/or cost associated with re-qualification.

Waveguide Components

In support of the growing number of applications associated with millimeter-wave frequencies, Narda-MITEQ has extended their portfolio of waveguide components by introducing several Q and V band waveguide components, including 30, 40 and 50 dB crossguide couplers and right angle waveguide-to-coax adapters. Millimeter waves (mmWaves) allow wireless signals to be focused into narrower beams, enabling increased data transmission across longer distances. The higher and less crowded Q and V band frequencies, between 33 GHz and 75 GHz, are therefore an expanding target for several different possible applications such as commercial satellite feeder links, wireless backhaul, point to point/point to multi-point radio links, radio astronomy, remote sensing, and automotive radar just to name a handful. Narda-MITEQ’s Q-band and V-band waveguide components deliver the reliable, high quality, and robust performance required for these applications.

Medium Power Amplifiers

To further extend their widely-used low-noise amplifiers (LNA) family, Narda-MITEQ has introduced a family of Medium Power Amplifiers (MPAS). MPAS amplifiers are universal broadband devices and are often used as gain blocks, driver or intermediate-stage amplifiers. Because the new Narda-MITEQ MPAS’s deliver 1 Watt of linear power (P1dB) and a low Noise Figure (NF), an MPAS amplifier can be used as either a low-noise input stage or as the only amplifier in the receiver chain, delivering significant cost savings. In addition to offering higher output power, Narda-MITEQ’s MPAS’s feature multi-octave bandwidth ranging from L to K band (2 to 20 GHz), built-in thermal protection and reset, and over/under current alarm.

The new family also offers improved matching for ease of design and integration, and electronic (TTL) On\Off switch capability to reduce power consumption. All Narda-MITEQ amplifiers are manufactured in the U.S. with the highest quality and robust mechanical construction, making them a strong choice for the demanding requirements of any military/defense or commercial application.

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