EMPIRE XPU 8.20 Features High-Performance Modeling Tools for Diverse 3D EM Design Applications

EMPIRE XPU 8.20 Features High-Performance Modeling Tools for Diverse 3D EM Design Applications

EMPIRE XPU 8.20, the latest version of the renowned 3D EM Design Suite from Empire XPU, was released at IMS 2023, offering a high-performance modeling tool for a wide range of applications, including antennas, microwave circuits, and EM chip design.

One of the highlights of EMPIRE XPU 8.20 is its impressive 3D EMPIRE model of the 77 GHz IMST radar frontend sR77-3403. Additionally, the software introduces an intuitive antenna feed line design, leveraging a new RF trace library element. The developers at IMST have incorporated their proprietary XPU Technology, resulting in an incredibly fast and memory-efficient solver. In fact, the solver's performance on modern PCs surpasses that of GPU supercomputers, due to parallelization and just-in-time code generation. Moreover, intelligent coefficient compression has enabled approximately 50% memory savings, further enhancing efficiency.

3D EMPIRE model of 77 GHz IMST radar frontend sR77-3403; easy & intuitive antenna feed line design utilizing new RF trace library element

Interoperability is another key aspect of EMPIRE XPU 8.20, as it seamlessly integrates with all commonly used 3D CAD data, layout formats, and vendor simulation projects. The software also has an intuitive 3D design mode with a fully integrated multilayer designer.

The latest release introduces several new features to enhance the user experience. Notable additions include conformal mapping and freeform-surface modeling tools, allowing for greater design flexibility. Moreover, the software now incorporates an RF trace library element specifically designed for efficient and accurate divider network and antenna feed design. Additionally, a metal sheet stack, featuring a new surface roughness model, has been included.

EMPIRE XPU 8.20 further strengthens its capabilities with the introduction of Time Domain Reflectometry analysis, which includes Bessel filters for excitation and result interpretation. Furthermore, the software offers circuit simulation-based nearfield to far-field calculation, enabling comprehensive analysis and evaluation of EM designs.

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