Microwave Techniques Acquires Valvo, a German Manufacturer of Passive RF and Microwave Components

Microwave Techniques Acquires Valvo, a German Manufacturer of Passive RF and Microwave Components

Microwave Techniques LLC (MT), an innovator of high-power microwave solutions, announced the acquisition of Valvo Bauelemente GmbH (Valvo), a Germany-based company specializing in the manufacture of passive RF and microwave components, namely circulators, isolators, and loads, among other devices for high-power applications.

Valvo Bauelemente GmbH products are deployed in a wide range of global markets, serving customers in several growing high-power microwave and RF applications, including scientific research, medical research and plasma-based science.

Similar to Valvo, Microwave Techniques LLC manufactures high-power RF and microwave components, employed in many of the same applications. This acquisition marks a significant connection between two companies with people and product synergies. It also establishes a strong partnership for many business areas between the two, including customer support, product line integration, employee collaboration, and shared research & development projects as a result of the acquisition.

The acquisition of Valvo Bauelemente GmbH by Microwave Techniques LLC allows for a partnership across teams and resources in the USA and Germany. The combined company and teams will continue explore new, advanced research and development avenues for the engineering and manufacturing of circulators, isolators, loads, as well as further innovations for its other high-power microwave component product lines.

Given the complementary product portfolios and dual expertise in the engineering and manufacturing of microwave circulators, isolators, and loads, both MT and Valvo expect a seamless integration over the next few months.

“Valvo is excited to officially become part of Microwave Techniques,” said Markus Bremer, Managing Director of Valvo Bauelemente GmbH. “The strategic alignment of our products, along with the excellent match of two talented teams makes this a great fit for both Valvo and MT.”

Integrating Valvo as a subsidiary of MT creates a leading global producer of 2.45 GHz, WR284 (R32), WR340 (R26), and WR430 (R22) waveguide components and technology, specifically for circulators, isolators, and loads. It also enables compatibility across Valvo’s and MT’s corresponding product lines, which includes several thousand designs of high-power, passive RF components and microwave devices in waveguide and coaxial configuration.

Microwave Techniques LLC will begin immediately supporting Valvo, its customers, and employees, along with integrating the Valvo team, resources, and legacy product line into the Microwave Techniques LLC family.

“Today, we would like to formally welcome Valvo into Microwave Techniques,” said Peter Anania, President and CEO of Microwave Techniques LLC. “Valvo is a great business with a highly capable team that provides unique components to valued customers globally. We are excited to continue our work in this new phase of growth for all.”

Valvo engineering and manufacturing operations will remain in Hamburg, Germany at its state-of-the-art microwave component facility and laboratory. Valvo will continue to produce all legacy components while fulfilling all existing and future projects with the same level of excellence and quality its customers have come to expect over the years.

Microwave Techniques LLC remains headquartered with two component factories in Gorham, Maine, USA, an industrial microwave systems factory in Nashua, New Hampshire, USA, and its Valvo operation in Hamburg, DE.

Deal terms have not been announced. Microwave Techniques LLC will continue to employ over 140 people with significant production capacity across four manufacturing facilities with locations Maine and New Hampshire, USA, and Hamburg, Germany.

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