Abracon Doubles the Quantity of Inductor Products on its Website

Abracon Doubles the Quantity of Inductor Products on its Website

Abracon, a leading provider of frequency control, timing, power, magnetics, RF, and antenna solutions, has recently expanded its product offering of Inductors to more than 7,000 options now available on the Abracon website, doubling its previous product count found online.

With recent technology and product database enhancements, Abracon added an additional 3,151 inductor product options, bringing the total quantity to 7,024 inductors to choose from. Through the site's updated Parametric Search, users can now access more surface-mount or through-hole versions of Standard/Commercial-Grade and Automotive-Grade (AEC-Q200) inductors than ever before. Abracon's expanded range of inductors allows you to search by some of the most popular filter criteria.

Abracon's power inductor offering includes a broad range of performance characteristics across many types of inductors such as Molded, Multilayer chips, Wire-Wound, Toroid, Drum, Axial, and Thin Film. RF shielding options for these inductors include non-shielded, semi-shielded, resin shielded, and shielded.

"With the recent updates and enhancements made to our internal product databases and website's parametric structure we were able to provide our customers more than double the amount of inductor product options to select from than previously available on our website," explains Matthew DeLeon, Inductor Product Line Manager. "These enhancements now give users access to more than 7,000 options across a broad spectrum of popular performance options."

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