CUBIC’s Millimeter-Wave Bandpass Filters Provide Unparalleled Performance and Precision

CUBIC’s Millimeter-Wave Bandpass Filters Provide Unparalleled Performance and Precision

CUBIC has developed a series of Surface Mount Millimeter-Wave Bandpass Filters that provide unparalleled performance and precision in a compact form factor. The filter, uses Nuvotronics PolyStrata® Technology, is poised to revolutionize the industry with its exceptional rejection capabilities and extraordinary flatness.

Designed for space and ground applications, this surface-mount interdigital filter has raised the bar for high-frequency performance, boasting an impressive insertion loss of less than 2.2 dB. With a return loss of over 12 dB, the filter ensures optimal signal quality, eliminating the need for additional gain stages and signal cleanup.

One of the standout features of the CUBIC Millimeter-Wave Bandpass Filter is its ability to maintain near-ideal performance, due to its higher rejection and flatter passbands. This technology offers system designers the advantage of low part-to-part variation, ensuring precision and consistency across production.

Not only does this innovative filter deliver exceptional performance, but it also offers ease of assembly through standard SMT processes. This means that integrating the filter into existing systems or designing new ones becomes a seamless task. As a result, system designers can reduce both production time and costs, ultimately optimizing their overall system Bill of Materials (BOM).

In addition to its outstanding technical capabilities, the CUBIC Surface Mount Millimeter-Wave Bandpass Filter complies with RoHS standards, underscoring the company's commitment to environmental sustainability.

These Ka-band and V-band bandpass filters find applications in various industries and fields. Metrology, RF telemetry, meteorology, instrumentation, 5G backhaul, and satellite communications are just a few areas where the filter excels.

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