Mercury Systems Receives $14 Million Contract to Upgrade the Polish Radar System

Mercury Systems Receives $14 Million Contract to Upgrade the Polish Radar System

Mercury Systems, Inc., a technology company that delivers processing power for the most demanding aerospace and defense missions, received a $14 million contract from PIT-RADWAR S.A., a supplier of the Republic of Poland’s Armed Forces, to deliver subsystem processing boards for a new mobile radar system. Under this contract, Mercury will upgrade the system architecture with a new design to improve the performance, range, and accuracy of the radar.

Mercury Systems processing solutions are high-performance, rugged computing solutions designed for use in the most demanding environments. This award includes Mercury’s HDS6605 board, which provides the greatest, AI-enabling processing functionality and high-capacity memory on a single, SWaP-optimized 6U OpenVPX server processing blade. The HDS6605 securely turns massive amounts of sensor data into actionable intelligence when and where it is needed.

Why It Matters

Modern and next-generation air defense platforms need more processing capability for compute-intense applications like AI and sensor processing, among others. The Mercury International team has worked closely with PIT-RADWAR for decades to provide the latest technologies from the wider Mercury portfolio to offer agile manufacturing to support PIT-RADWAR and the Polish Ministry of National Defence through multiple radar programs.

“This contract demonstrates our ability to leverage the latest in Mercury’s processing technology from the United States and then design, integrate, build and test internationally, to deliver a bespoke solution for the Polish Armed Services,” said Paul Tanner, Vice President for Mercury’s International Growth Operations. “We look forward to working with our Polish customers to deliver this next-generation technology that enables the superior performance of this new mobile radar system.”

The Polish Armed Forces Mobile Radar is an advanced radar system developed by Poland for air defense operations. It offers long-range surveillance and tracking capabilities, enabling the detection of aerial threats such as aircraft and missiles. The system enhances situational awareness and contributes to the overall defense capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces.

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