Northeastern University and A5G Networks Deploy Automated Multi-Vendor Private and Edge Network

Northeastern University and A5G Networks Deploy Automated Multi-Vendor Private and Edge Network

A5G Networks, a market-leading autonomous mobile core software company, and the Institute for the Wireless Internet of Things (WIoT) at Northeastern University have announced the availability of an intelligent and automated end-to-end private 5G network based on a multi-vendor environment. The network is deployed and serves indoor users in the Northeastern University campus in Boston, MA, with an extension planned to the Burlington, MA campus. The Radio Access Network (RAN) is fully virtualized and automated, based on OpenAirInterface (OAI), while the core network leverages the A5G cloud-native mobile core.

The A5G mobile core is fully cloud-native and compliant with 3GPP Release 17 specifications. It supports AI/ML features and connects 4G, 5G, and Wi-Fi devices. A5G's mobile core software offers an efficient pathway for enterprises and service providers toward a cost-effective deployment across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. The A5G mobile core is a secure and highly scalable packet core. It can be used for small to large deployments for IoT, private networks, smart cities, connected car networks, MEC, and public networks to provide an optimized service experience.

WIoT, which hosts an Open Testing and Integration Center (OTIC) approved by the O-RAN ALLIANCE, and A5G successfully integrated the A5G 5G core network with the WIoT private 5G RAN for the first time. Both are hosted on a fully automated cluster, built on Dell servers, the RedHat OpenShift platform, and intelligent automation pipelines developed by the WIoT spinoff zTouch Networks. zTouch offers intent-based, AI-driven zero-touch automation for a variety of applications and use cases in end-to-end 5G and O-RAN cellular networks.

"We are very proud to host this private 5G network, which integrates mature 5G and O-RAN products from small business partners in the greater Boston area and established international open-source projects", says Tommaso Melodia, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Northeastern and WIoT Director. "Northeastern, through its Open6G OTIC, and A5G have shown how virtualization, softwarization, and disaggregation, key elements of the Open RAN vision, can support agile and cost-effective private 5G deployments with zero-touch automation."

5G, AI/ML, and edge combined are shaping up next-generation networks, the value chain is changing, and networks are becoming more open and distributed. "Through this engagement, Northeastern University and A5G Networks will collaborate to maximize the performance of private 5G and mobile edge deployments by deploying A5G's autonomous and converged packet core software and Northeastern University's zTouch for private 5G network," said Rajesh Mishra Founder and CEO of A5G Networks.

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