Online Instrument Testing System to Conduct RF Testing of Devices in the Cloud

Online Instrument Testing System to Conduct RF Testing of Devices in the Cloud

RF Testing in the Colud - An Online Instrument Testing System, has developed a way to conduct testing of a DUT (the Device Under Test) in the cloud, eliminating the need for manual or laborious testing operations on the site. With this online instrument testing system, customers will no longer have to purchase or deploy dedicated servers or databases to measure the performance characteristics of their DUTs, thereby greatly simplifying their design and reducing time-to-market.

The RF Test in the Cloud has an easy and intuitive experience during testing and allows free testing functionality. Currently, the RF test supports two network analyzers and PIM analyzers from the leading companies. They include Keysight’s ENA and PNA series, Rohde & Schwarz’ ZNB series, Rflight’s NTPIM series, and JointCom’s JCIMA-COMPATB series.

Before performing tests, the users need to register themselves on the RF Test website. This activates their account using which they can access the website to edit products, tests, and serial numbers, among other things. While editing, a red asterisk will indicate if any test that was performed before is not complete or has errors. 

The figure illustrates the error indication for the product SRT-98071 on the application screen. 

Next, the Windows app has to be downloaded and installed on the PC. The instruments are then connected to the computer to run the app and perform tests as required. It is important to note that the app will only download complete and error-free tests. This implies that the app performs real-time parameter error checking during test editing to ensure accurate result compilation.

Once the tests are performed, the app generates a professional PDF report of the test results, which can be downloaded directly and uploaded onto the cloud, if needed.

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